NDG Gossip: Will And Jada differ over how to raise Willow

By Kendria Brown, NDG Intern

Willow Smith is very popular among both the younger and older culture. No doubt the unique platinum recording young artist, only 11, is a musical sensation of our time. However her personal actions have led to much scrutiny and speculation among her peers and critics, but especially with her parents.

Her latest trending acts have included a fake tongue piercing, dying her hair green, and venting through Twitter. Her father Will is not at all pleased with her eccentric behavior, and believes she should try getting attention in less bizarre and obvious ways. Will understands that his daughter does not have to try everything at her young age and she has taken her actions quite too far.

However Jada feels that her daughter is only expressing her colorful personality.  Sources report that “Jada thinks Willow is a brilliant budding artist, and she’s doing everything in her power to push Willow’s showbiz career like a crazy stage mom.”

Will and Jada are split over how to raise Willow. “Will is very private and is mortified that Jada encourages Willow to share her innermost thoughts on social-networking sites, and he is worried about a public meltdown”.

Seems that Jada will allow Willow to explore all paths but Will wants her to follow along the brick road.

As parents, who is to blame and what should they do? Will and Jada have a lovely daughter who can get a little extreme at times. Maybe Willow is just testing the waters and naturally exploring her girl hood; but when does the line gets crossed and most importantly how can both parents come together and agree on appropriate action to take? Parents have to agree at some point. Will and Jada will definitely have to put their heads together on this one.

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