Kim Kardashian’s guest appearance at a Charlotte, NC club brings fewer than 50 people

By Kendria Brown, NDG Intern

Kim Khardashian is known to draw in large crowds of people; after all she is a celebrity. And now she is a celebrity dating one of the hottest names in hip hop- Kanye West. So it had to be more than shameful for the reality television star when she attracted fewer than fifty people at club Hush in Charlotte, NC.

This is surprising news for even the toughest critics of Kim Kardashian. Why was her audience turnout so low? The Democratic National Convention was simultaneously occurring, however this club was an after party hype for the convention and yet hardly anyone showed up.

On her twitter, Kim posted an instagram of a half of glass of champagne, saying, “It’s that kinda night!”

Seems the couple of celebrity accomplices Kim did have decided to leave when they recognized the lack of people and party enthusiasm. The house band was said to observe, “This place is empty”, which set Kim off.

Kim left the club a couple of hours after she came.

This was a night and club that really had you wondering “Where the party at?” Had they all got together and agreed not to show up at the club Kim was at? Surely Kim’s publicists could have done a much better job at attracting a larger crowd that night. Instead, this was pure humiliation for Kim and her promotional manager.

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