Minaj says Mariah feud conspired by American Idol producers

By Kendria Brown, NDG Intern

The battle between Mariah and Nicki seems long from over. After the name-calling, alleged threats, and extra security, Minaj seems to now know what and who in particularly started it all. Minaj believes that American Idol producers instigated the whole event to increase TV ratings. She feels the producers of American Idol and Mariah want an “angry” Minaj because that is what the people want and it would draw in the crowd.

Nicki is letting everyone know that she is not the one to be set up and played, and she insists on exiting the area if and when Mariah bickers or attempts to stir up another argument.

However producers are not buying in to Minaj’s story, because they were as shocked as the next viewer when the outcries were made between the two divas. The producers were active in restoring the peace erupted by Minaj’s and Mariah’s meddling of one another, so how is it possible they were co-conspirating to the chaos.

The truth is still sketchy at this point but Mariah has kept her peace during this time of accusation, with no comment or rebuttal in response to Minaj’s theory. Not sure who is behind what and the intentions incurred, but maybe Mariah and Nicki will call a truce…for American Idol’s sake.


  1. Hey now And I’ll bet the commenter was a white woman too. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend was elqnoeut and truthful, and so was this commenter, she, like most sane Americans need to keep calling out this trash cloaked as patriotic.

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