NDG gossip: Comedian Katt Williams causes chaos among crowd

Katt Williams

By Kendria Brown, NDG Intern

Comedian Katt Williams is much known for his funny antics, amusing behavior, and pimpin’ personality. But lately his behavior has been causing a stir and been bizarre at best. Too much for fans, they are displeased with his most recent stage meltdown. His mediocre performance on stage left many fans disappointed and demanding refunds as he went off-stage to only anger a baffled audience.

His show on Friday night included a Williams onstage attempting to not be funny, as his performance can be described by “rambling monologues devoid of jokes”.  He took off his shirt and sweated profusely at some point. At another point, Williams’ security had to drag him offstage after he attempted to fight with a heckler.

Williams had been on stage for a few minutes and then left, and so did most of the audience. When he finally returned later, he had “no more jokes” and talked about “his time in Oakland” and “God.”

Following the show, fans went online to Facebook and twitter to say the show was hardly 10 minutes and anticipated refunds for their tickets priced between $33-$94.

This is not the first time Williams has unappeased his audience.

Williams has a string of run-ins with authorities dating back to 2006. Williams was arrested at least twice for burglary and weapons charges, and he served time for those crimes. Then in June 2011, Williams was arrested for false imprisonment charges.

On Nov. 1, Williams did more than perform at his Denver show when he jumped in the crowd shortly after taking the stage to confront hecklers. Then Williams was slapped with a $5 million lawsuit filed against him for allegedly hitting his personal assistant back in Oct. and causing her permanent eye damage.

No break for Micah S. Katt Williams because recently he was arrested after allegedly hitting a fan in the head with a bottle; although he has not been booked or officially charged with this crime, the man is suing Williams for damages.

View Katt Williams’ confronting heckler at his Friday night show here.

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