NDG Gossip: Jamie Foxx allegedly abandons father

Jamie Foxx
Image: last.fm

By Kendria Brown, NDG Intern

Jamie Foxx’s father is 74-years-old and not in good health. To make matters worse, 45-year-old Foxx is said to have severed ties with his father. He allegedly will not visit his father, apparently under any circumstance. Foxx is said to have a grudge against his father for reasons that are in the years’ past.

Jamie’s stepmother Hellema Abdullah has reported, “We’ve called Jamie several times over the years and left hundreds of messages. But he has never returned our calls. Now his father is sick with severe scar tissue on his lungs and has to be on oxygen every day. I just wish Jamie would call.”

Jamie’s parents Darrell Bishop and Louise Annette Talley had Jamie at a young age and allowed Louise’s parents adopt him and raise him in a Christian home. Louise and Darrell both later remarried.

Jamie’s father, Bishop, converted to Islam and became known as Sha-heed Abdullah. Jamie had little contact with his father.

Because Jamie’s grandmother convinced Jamie to stay in touch with his father, he did. But when his grandmother died in 2004, Jamie had not spoken to his father since, and he has no intentions on it either.

On recollection as to how Jamie felt about his parents giving him away, he stated, “I still ask myself why they didn’t want me. Maybe they weren’t ready to raise a child. Was it too inconvenient? I lived just up the street from them. I’ll never understand it.”

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