Ludacris includes Paul Walker’s death as factor on why can’t afford child support payment?

ludacrisAccording to an interesting article from  Lechette Walker on Naturally Moi, Ludacris can’t afford the requested child support payments and claims he only made $55,000 last year. But while I can appreciate there is a degree of truth to the claim but seems a bit distasteful to use the death of Paul Walker as a reason why you can handle your business.

The blog post says:

“On Wednesday, he requested for the Judge in Georgia to reduce his child support to the limit of $1800 a month. Ludacris reason for his current financial difficulties stem from the death of star Paul Walker in which caused the production of the “Fast &Furious” to be put on hold. The delay in the completion of the box office hit directly affected Ludacris financial status, according to sources.”

OK so get up and get in the studio number one and number two don’t tweet this when you know it ain’t the truth:

“According to Ludacris Twitter feed last year, he confirmed that he was one of “The World’s 20 Highest Paid Hip Hop Artist.”

“7 years in a row! RT @shrznn: @Ludacris id the Forbe’s 9th healthiest cash-cow in hip hop! #Respect #LudaNation,” twitter feed dated the 25th of September 2013.”

Read the rest of Walker’s blog here.

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