UT removes Jefferson Davis statue

AUSTIN – The University of Texas at Austin on Sunday morning removed a statue of Jefferson Davis from its main mall, over the objections and amid ongoing legal action by Confederate groups. Students and others cheered as the larger-than-life sized bronze statue came down, just as the campus’ historic clock tower stuck 10:15 a.m. Some […]

Obama Meets the Press — on His Terms

photo by by Gage Skidmore

His political opponents-and even some allies-consider President Obama to be aloof, insular, and unreceptive to criticism. Media critics chaff at his administration’s many attempts to control access to the president, circumvent reporters, and chastise journalists and news outlets they deem to be unfriendly. Those may be valid critiques. Yet it is an undeniable historic fact […]

Girls enjoy science but geeky classrooms turn them off

"Our new study suggests that if schools and teachers feel they can't recruit girls into their computer science classes," Allison Master says, "they should make sure that the classrooms avoid stereotypes and communicate to students that everyone is welcome and belongs." (Credit: Olga Nohra/Flickr)

Three times as many high school girls said they wanted to take a computer science class when shown a less “geeky”  classroom. The study of 270 students reveals a practical way for teachers to help narrow the gender gap in computer science by helping girls feel that they belong. “Our findings show that classroom design matters—it […]

10 Tips to work smarter this week


MIAMI /24-7PressRelease/ — Working smarter not harder does not mean that entrepreneurs don’t work hard, points out The Plato Group. It just means that they are wiser about where they invest their time and what they choose to do with their time. It is the idea of creating less work for yourself by analysing the situation […]

Garland seeking volunteers for Healthy Living Expo

HLE_no info

Garland’s free Healthy Living Expo provides a day full of opportunities to learn more about living a healthy, safe and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. The city needs volunteers to make this annual event happen. Volunteers will help set up the event, greet and direct our guests and assist with various event activities. Volunteer applications are due by Sept. 4, 2015. […]

Wadena celebrates birthday with new dance single

Singer and song writer Wadena releases new dance single to celebrate her birthday

NEW YORK /24-7PressRelease/ — The New York-Based R&B singer and songwriter “Wadena” is celebrating her Birthday with the independent release of her back-to-school dance single “Let’s Get It,” on August 31st, 2015. It also marks Wadena’s 15-year anniversary album kick off with the “Triple Play” single package of Let’s Get It and two unreleased studio recorded […]

Parents turnoff kid’s tablets hour before bedtime

"Students who have tablets or TVs or computers—even an 'old-school' flashlight under the covers to read—are pushing their circadian clocks to a later timing," says Mary Carskadon. "This makes it harder to go to sleep and wake up at times early the next morning for school." (Credit: iStockphoto)

Light from tablets or phones in the hour before bed can significantly disrupt sleep time for kids, particularly those between the ages of 9 and 15. Enough light exposure at night can keep anyone from falling asleep as quickly as they otherwise would have. But a new study finds the sleep biology of boys and […]

Dallas Chocolate lovers can be a chocolatiers for the day

dallas chocolate

DallasChocolate.org has announced a day of hands-on chocolate making workshops to follow the 2015 Dallas Chocolate Festival. The 2-workshop event will be held Sunday, Sept. 13 at Perfect Temper Kitchen in Plano. Fans of the Dallas Chocolate Festival have been requesting more opportunities to learn from the renowned experts that showcase their treats at the […]

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