Breathing life into a movement

eric garner chokehold

By Julianne Malveaux, NNPA Columnist “I can’t breathe,” gasped Eric Garner, again and again and again.  “I can’t breathe,” he said, as several police officers were on top of him, choking him, pushing his head onto the concrete sidewalk. The man was not resisting arrest; he simply had the temerity to ask a police officer […]

Irving woman charged with murder, $1 million bond set

North, Eileen Frances

The Irving Police Department arrested Eileen Frances North, 55 years old, for the Dec. 3 murder of Rosemary Milazzo. The victim was discovered when the police was sent to check on her after she did not show up for work. No details were shared by the police on motivation or how they determined North was a […]

Camille Cosby questions why are accusers not vetted

camille cosby

In a statement released to CBS Evening News and other news outlets, Camille compares the coverage of her husband’s allegations to the recent Rolling Stone story of an alleged campus gang rape. Camille says a “different man” has been portrayed in the media the last two months and it is a “portrait of a man” she “does not know.” […]

The devaluing of Black lives go beyond police killings

Photo: New American Media

By David Muhammad, New America Media I have struggled with the theme of “Black Lives Matter” in the protests against police killings of Black men in America. I totally agree with the sentiment, but I have just had trouble with the message that seems so basic and demands a low bar. Then after an argument with a […]

Cosby looks to the Black media for balanced and fair coverage


Bill Cosby has finally broken his silence. The much-maligned comedic icon, embroiled in an ever-growing sexual abuse scandal that now includes supermodel Beverly Johnson, appealed to the African-American media to be impartial, requesting that the minority-owned organizations be sure its reporting remains balanced, accurate and fair. “I only expect the black media to uphold the […]

AMBER ALERT: Denton police looking for son of murdered mother


DENTON, Texas — Denton police issued an Amber Alert Saturday night for four-year-old Ricardo Alekzander Lara after his mother was murdered. Law enforcement officials believe Ricardo is in grave or immediate danger. Police were seeking 23-year-old Ricardo Lara Martinez in connection with the child’s disappearance. He is also a suspect in the woman’s death. Martinez […]

Wu-Tang Clan’s A Better Tomorrow provides a song for the movement

wu tang clan

Movements often have a song that speaks to the spirit of the concerns of the protesters. As protests continue across the country following the decisions by the Ferguson grand jury to not indict former Officer Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown and New York police officer Daniel Pantaleo was not indicted for the chokehold death of […]

African American toy maker wins $73 million royalties from Hasbro

Johnson Research and Development Co. and founder Lonnie Johnson have been in a licensing dispute with Hasbro since February, when the company filed a claim against the giant toy company. (AJC SPECIAL)

The Atlanta-based company behind the Super Soaker water gun and Nerf toy guns has been awarded nearly $73 million in royalties from toymaker Hasbro Inc., according to the law firm King & Spalding. Johnson Research and Development Co. and founder Lonnie Johnson have been in a royalty dispute with Hasbro since February, when the company […]

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