Instead of paying a living wage, McDonalds fired the single mom arrested in SC

Debra Harrell

  By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor Now McDonalds, which has come under fire from employees and others about the fact they do not provide a living wage, had an opportunity to be a hero. However, instead of helping a struggling single mom working for the popular fast food chain – she was fired. Debra Harrell [...]

Abbott applauds Perry, but says federal government will pay the bill

Abbott listens as Perry announces deployment of National Guard on the Texas border.

AUSTIN— Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott issued the following statement regarding the decision announced today to deploy the National Guard to the Texas-Mexico border: “I applaud Governor Perry for providing the decisive leadership needed to address this crisis. Make no mistake: This is more than a border crisis – this is a national crisis affecting [...]

California death penalty ruled unconstitutional, is Texas next?

death penalty

A federal judge has ruled that California’s death penalty system is unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Cormac J. Carney handed down an order Wednesday, finding that the system is arbitrary and in violation of the Constitution’s 8th Amendment. “California’s death penalty system is so plagued by inordinate and unpredictable delay that the death sentence is actually carried out [...]

Ft. Worth Police investigating why evicted funeral home directors left dead bodies

Dondre Johnson (L) and twin brother Derrick Johnson owned the Johnson Family Mortuary where police say they found 8 dead bodies after the owners closed up shop.  

A foul stench coming from a Fort Worth, Texas funeral home drew the attention of the building’s landlord during a property check Tuesday morning. Little did the landlord know that the smell was wafting from several unidentified bodies, some already embalmed and in caskets, inside, according to local news reports. Police who responded to the [...]

5 Ways to protect your start-up from harassment and discrimination problems


I get it – snooze-worthy, old-fashioned harassment and discrimination training isn’t in line with the vibe you’re trying to create at your hip tech startup. You want to be laid back, cut out all the corporate bull$&^*, build a community within your company that transcends normal working drudgery. I totally get it – millennials are [...]

If you are getting a divorce, protect your personal data


By Jason Alderman No doubt you’ve seen many warnings against sharing personal or financial information with strangers, but what about your spouse – or ex-spouse? A recent study by McAfee uncovered some unsettling results: Although 96 percent of adults surveyed trust their significant other with passwords, intimate photos and other personal content, only 32 percent [...]

Tracy Morgan’s lawsuit: “Walmart was careless and negligent”

tracy morgan

Tracy Morgan has joined other plaintiffs in filing a lawsuit against Walmart following the deadly crash on June 7 in New Jersey. Morgan was critically injured, his close friend and fellow comedian James McNair was killed; others were also injured and hospitalized. The other plaintiffs include another comedian Ardie Fuqua and Morgan’s assistant, Jeffrey Millea. The [...]

ACE Cash Express agrees to $10 million settlement with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

payday loan sign

Texas-based payday lender ACE Cash Express has agreed to pay $10 million to settle allegations by the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that it used harassment and other illegal tactics to push borrowers into a cycle of debt. Under the agreement, the company, one of the nation’s largest payday lenders, will pay $5 million in [...]

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