NFL Threw Ray Rice under the bus

Raynard Jackson, NNPA Columnist

By Raynard Jackson, NNPA Columnist By now most people have heard how Ray Rice has been thrown under the bus by the National Football League (NFL) and his former team, the Baltimore Ravens. First, some background for the non-football fans. Rice was drafted by the Ravens in the second round (55th overall) of the 2008 NFL [...]

Touched By The System

Mom drops off son at recent job fair.

The perils job seekers with backgrounds confront by Nicole James Scott, NDG Contributing Writer According to a review in March 2013 by the University of Texas School of Law on current practices and recommendations for reform in the state of Texas close to 4.7 million men and women have a criminal background. The review goes on [...]

NFL Domestic Abusers Get Tap on Wrist


By George E. Curry, NNPA Columnist The NFL – which has been referred to as everything from the National Felons League to, in the cases of players, Not For Long – has imposed a lifetime ban on Ray Rice yet rarely disciplines other brazen offenders. And when a team takes the rare action of disciplining [...]

Grand jury has until January to decide if Ferguson cop will be charged for killing Michael Brown

Darren Wilson is the Ferguson policeman that shot and killed the unarmed Michael Brown.

A grand jury has until January 7 to decide whether or not to bring criminal charges against Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson,  who shot unarmed teenager Michael Brown to death on August 9, reports St. Louis County Circuit Judge Carolyn Whittington extended the usual four month period, which expired last week, and now the grand jury has an [...]

Adrian Peterson facing child negligent charges

The Minnesota Viking’s Adrian Peterson has to return to Montgmery County Texas to face child abuse charges. He reportedly spanked his son with a switch leaving bloody scars. As usual these days has info and photos.

Bodies of 3 infants removed from filthy house; homeowner facing charges

BLACKSTONE, Mass. (AP) — Police have arrested and charged a woman in connection with the living conditions at the Massachusetts home where the bodies of three infants were found. Blackstone Police Department spokesman John Guilfoil says the woman is a resident of the home and is now in police custody. Her name was not released. [...]

T. J. Lane serving life for killing 3 students escaped from prison


T.J. lane the convicted murderer of three high school students has reportedly escaped from prison in Ohio

The police are still arresting peaceful #Ferguson protestors

Photo by Wiley Price of the St. Louis American

The rest of America may have gotten on with their lives with the tragic death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri fast becoming a distant memory, but the struggle is continuing. However, people are still protesting, and police are still strong arming and arresting peaceful protesters. Also, the St. Louis American is still doing a [...]

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