Ferguson grand jury drama drags on

Protesters brace for grand jury's verdict in the case against Mike Brown's shooter. (Peoples World via Flickr)

By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor No one knows if the grand jury has decided to indict Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson for the Aug. 9 shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed 18 year old. Perhaps Hollywood is orchestrating this drawn out process. An announcement was made over two hours ago that a decision had been reached, […]

Lack of confidence continues to hold women back in business

female busines leaders

Women’s lack of confidence in their own leadership skills may be holding them back from top positions in business. That is a major takeaway from a recent report that found companies with higher percentages of women in executive positions have a stronger financial performance than those where fewer women occupy the corporate suite. While there […]

Friends are bailing on Bill Cosby fast

These days, Bill Cosby probably wants to yell "Hey Hey Hey where have all my friends gone?"

By Raynard Jackson, NNPA Columnist “Hey, hey, hey (in my best Fat Albert’s voice), please listen to what I have to say. My friend Bill Cosby is in trouble today.” Even Fat Albert knows Bill Cosby is getting a raw deal. As a public relations/crisis management professional. I have worked with some of the biggest […]

Smart Financial Moves for Transitioning Vets

share your money

By Jason Alderman The latest generations of veterans face a particularly complicated financial picture, attributed to multiple deployments, a tough civilian economy, predatory lending threats at home and disability and health issues. That’s why the Veterans Financial Coalition was formed in June 2014 by a diverse group of organizations including Visa’s Practical Money Skills for […]

Thanksgiving bouquets can show how much you care

Modern Fall Enchantment from 1-800-Flowers

By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor In this season of Thanksgiving, flowers can say so much. For the single friend that can’t cook (me!) who is always grateful for the kindness of friends to welcome us to their family feast – a bouquet can help us express our gratitude for being remembered and included. It is […]

Sen. Graham to House GOP: Shame on us for lack of action on immigration

lindsey graham

In the wake of the President’s immigration action, his message to Republicans has been pretty clear: pass a bill. In the more than 500 days since the Senate passed bipartisan immigration reform, House Republicans have failed to act. Even Republicans think that the House’s inaction is shameful. Here’s what Senator Lindsey Graham said on today’s State of […]

Gun sales increase as Ferguson awaits grand jury decision

Protesters brace for grand jury's verdict in the case against Mike Brown's shooter. (Peoples World via Flickr)

Businesses have boards on their windows. Some schools have cancelled classes in the days prior to the Thanksgiving weekend. Officials have set up layers of emergency plans. And the president has called for calm. The people of Ferguson can’t be sure when a grand jury responsible for determining whether or not to indict white police […]

Texans love green beans casserole for Thanksgiving

Del Monte's Classic Green Bean Casserole just in time in for Thanksgiving includes at least one surprising ingredient

Texas is ranked #14 in the U.S. for love of green-bean casserole, according to the Del Monte Green Bean Index. To conduct this study, bean counters at Del Monte — of the country’s iconic grower, distributor, and marketer of green beans and many other vegetables — asked 1,500 Americans to “go green bean” and rate […]

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