Alzheimer’s warning sign: Acting out dreams

Eighty percent of people with a sleep disorder that causes them to act out their dreams will develop a brain disease. (Credit: Kelly B/Flickr)

A sleep disorder that causes people to act out their dreams is the best current predictor of brain diseases like Parkinson’s and many other forms of dementia. “Rapid-eye-movement sleep behavior disorder (RBD) is not just a precursor but also a critical warning sign of neurodegeneration that can lead to brain disease,” says John Peever, an [...]

Dallas ISD hosting job fair April 26


Dallas ISD is holding a Job Fair on Saturday, April 26, from 8 a.m. to noon, for certified teachers. The district is looking to hire teachers in all certification areas, especially bilingual education, science and mathematics. The event will be held at the Jesse Owens Complex, 9191 S. Polk Street. To register, please visit and bring [...]

Gabriel García Márquez’s Legacy


By Raymond L. Williams, New America Media Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez, the inventor of the mythical town he called “Macondo,” has passed away at the age of 87. Journalists loved him for his ability to spontaneously produce catchy one-liners in interviews. The general reading public adored him for his entertaining and engaging stories so [...]

Supreme Court Justices express concern on impact of their Aereo ruling


With no less than the future of free, over-the-air TV at stake, Supreme Court justices expressed concerns about issuing a ruling that would have the unintended consequences of impacting cloud computing. But they also queried both broadcasters and Aereo’s attorneys on why the startup should not be considered a cable service, with a full slate of legal requirements [...]

Why Disability Insurance Is Critical

disability insurance

By Jason Alderman Most people understand why having life insurance is a good idea: Nobody wants to leave their survivors in a financial lurch if they were to die suddenly. But what if you suffer an accident or illness and don’t die, but rather, become severely disabled? Could you or your family make ends meet [...]

4 Green Technologies to Celebrate Earth Day


Just as intended, the 44th annual celebration of Earth Day is surrounded by talk of our environment, our impact on it and what we can do to better live in harmony with it. “We’re seeing more and more people who realize that, if each of us does what we can every day,  collectively, we can [...]

5 Beauty Habits to Break this Summer

beauty habits

Skipping a few hours of sleep, forgetting to wash your face before bed, not apply sunscreen everyday all seem so innocent right? But odds are, at least one of these habits in your daily routine are the cause of those dreadful breakouts, crow’s feet and flakey or discolored skin. Fortunately, the fixes are simple! By [...]

UT Arlington earns ‘Hispanic-Serving Institution’ status by Dept. of Ed


ARLINGTON — The University of Texas at Arlington has met U.S. Department of Education requirements to be considered a Hispanic-Serving Institution, a status that makes it eligible for federal grants supporting and strengthening institutions with large numbers of Hispanic students.  UT Arlington becomes the highest-profile public research university in North Texas to receive the designation [...]

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