Jefferson Bass’ “The Breaking Point” is a whodunit lover’s dream

Breaking Point

By Terri Schlichenmeyer When it comes to your job, you’re a crackerjack. You have quite the reputation for doing your best, in fact, which is why colleagues come to you for help. Nobody busts a move like you: smooth, efficient and done right. Yep, when it comes to your job, you can’t be beat. Except when […]

DMA’s Arts of Africa Gallery will feature 200 more objects

photo source: Dallas Museum of Art/facebook

Research for the reinstallation project, which was sponsored by the Texas Fund for Curatorial Research and overseen by Roslyn Adele Walker, Ph.D., Senior Curator of the Arts of Africa, the Americas, and the Pacific and The Margaret McDermott Curator of African Art, began in 2011 and included visits to national and international museums. The reconfigured […]

The Impossible Project US Road Show brings instant photography back to the heart of America

Impossible US Road Show, photo source: the-impossible-project.com

Discover the world of analog instant photography with Impossible’s US Road Show 2015. Try out classic Polaroid cameras, turn your digital images into real instant photos and explore creative techniques at Impossible workshops across the US this summer. Since saving the last Polaroid factory back in 2008, Impossible have worked together with a passionate community […]

You’ll eat up the “The Jesus Cow: A Novel”

Jesus Cow (1)

By: Terri Schlichenmeyer The town you grew up near hasn’t changed in umpteen years. Oh, sure, there are new roads, and new houses dot the outskirts. The grocery store your Mom preferred is now owned by someone else. But there’s still a church on Main , still an everybody-knows-who-you-are watering hole, and kids still do […]

New book to help prepare kids for college

Tarsha Arrington-Brown's book, If I Knew Then, What I Know Now... About College

(BlackNews.com) Tarsha Arrington-Brown’s book, If I Knew Then, What I Know Now… About College (www.authortarsha.com) is an insightful book that addresses the necessity for college readiness and preparedness courses for young people with aspirations of attending college, and graduating. A first-generation college student, Arrington-Brown attended Northern Illinois University, Kishwaukee College and Chicago State University, before […]

NKOTB, TLC and Nelly hit Dallas in a dazzling display of showmanship


By Buster Spiller, NDG Special Contributor The early 80s marked the advent of MTV and a period in American music where individuality and presentation reigned supreme. Musical acts like Cyndi Lauper, The Eurythmics, Prince, George Michael, Tina Turner, Culture Club, Madonna, Duran Duran, Billy Idol, U2, Pat Benatar, and Whitney Houston had videos on the channel […]

Colossal offers an intense and in-depth look at our football obsession

DTC's Colossal performers Khris Davis and Alex Stoll are captured in this photo by Karen Almond. Joshua L. Peugh’s choreography should not be overlooked.

By Traci Smith, NDG Special Contributor Colossal, on stage at the Dallas Theater Center,  is a thought provoking experience that places audiences smack dab in the middle of a football field, but far outside of their comfort zone. The new production by University of Texas playwright Andrew Hinderaker, the play offers an intense and in-depth look […]

The Illusionists at the DSM showcases seven talented magicians

Dan Sperry - The Anti-Conjuror is one of seven unique magicians appearing at the latest Dallas Summer Musical Production. Photo Credit The Illusionists

By Jo Ann Holt, Special NDG Contributor When you see The Illusionists be prepared to be amused, bewildered, and thoroughly entertained at this latest Dallas Summer Musical (DSM) production as they continue celebrating their 75th anniversary. The Illusionists presents a smorgasbard from seven different but uniquely talented magicians from around the globe, onstage now through […]

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