The audience is the true winner of TeCo’s 13th Annual New Play Competition

The work of six talented writers showcased in this competition.

By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor Six plays in less than three hours, there is bound to be a dud in the mix right? Well, after watching the 13th Annual New Play Competition hosted by TeCo Theatrical Productions, Inc.  at the Bishop Arts Theatre Center last Friday night, that is not true. Every single play was engaging, […]

In Real Life is a celebration of where life takes us when we agree to the journey

Ebony Marshall-Oliver brings In Real Life to the Jubilee Theatre stage (Image: Jubilee Theatre)

By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor In Real Life brings to close the trilogy of plays written by actress Charlayne Woodard, and Jubilee Theatre’s fans will be sadden to see the series come to an end. For those who have seen the previous productions of Pretty Fire and Neat, they truly feel like they know Woodard’s […]

Director Kevin Macdonald leaves the door open for surprises in Black Sea


By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Director Kevin Macdonald might just make nautical dramas cool again with his latest film, Black Sea. He visited Dallas to discuss the making of the film and the surprising Jude Law. Black Sea features Law, who believe it or not was not Macdonald’s first choice for the lead role in his […]

Jennifer Lopez discovers The Boy Next Door is not an ideal neighbor!

boy next door

By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor Jennifer Lopez’s new flick, The Boy Next Door is sexy and crazy. Sometimes a little too much of both, but don’t think too hard and don’t attend the movie with your grandmother and you should have a good time. Lopez stars as Claire Peterson, a rather sexy high school teacher, […]

The Girl on the Train is so good it will derail your plans

“The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Off the beaten tracks. That’s where the house is, the one that catches your fancy whenever you pass by. To your eye, it’s unique and whoever lives there must be interesting. They probably have tons of friends and fabulous lives – and in the new book “The Girl on the Train” by Paula […]

The American Plate: What does what is on our plate say about us?

“The American Plate” by Libby H. O’Connell, PhD

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Everything looks so delicious. It all smells great, too, and you can’t decide what you like best. The meat is done just right, potatoes are mashed to perfection, biscuits are to die for. And then there’s dessert!  But – wait, leftovers. That’s your favorite… You’ve got a lot on your plate this month, […]

Silent Sister is not a perfect, but it is an enjoyable whodunit

“The Silent Sister” by Diane Chamberlain

  By Terri Schlichenmeye Bookworm Sez                   Sometimes, you find the strangest things in the oddest places. How, for example, did that thing you spent months searching for suddenly appear right in front of you, as if it were there all along?  You quit hunting eons ago. You […]

Dallas bookworms unite and go see The Book Club Play at DTC!

The DTC's The Book-Club Play featuring Tiana Kaye Johnson, Christie Vela, Jeffrey Schmidt, Steven Michael Walters (Photo by Karen Almond via DTC)

By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor Dallas Theater Center’s production of the hilarious The Book Club Play by Karen Zacarías spotlights one important detail: sometimes book clubs are not remotely about the books! They are really about the people who become your friends, and if you are lucky sometimes your family. At one point I was a member […]

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