A different view from Dr. King’s Mountaintop

By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor Each of us strongly believe we truly know Dr. Martin Luther King, but do we really? And if we knew more about the man, would our opinion of him change? Those questions are explored in the Dallas Theater Center’s production of The Mountaintop. This creates a unique experience for the […]

Collin College Faculty Art Exhibition Open Public

Enjoy works of art in sculpture, photography, metalworking and many other visual arts forms at THE ARTS Faculty Exhibition, Monday, Aug. 31 – Wednesday, Oct. 7 at THE ARTS Gallery at Collin College’s Spring Creek Campus. A reception is planned from 4-7 p.m., Thu12rsday, Sept. 24 in the gallery. The annual show gives students and […]


The North Dallas Gazette staff and friends enjoyed a night of fun and music when we hosted NDG Night at the Theater for MOTOWN THE MUSICAL. The audience enjoyed not only the music but discovering the history of the legendary record label. This is the final weekend for Dallas theater lovers to enjoy MOTOWN THE […]

MOTOWN THE MUSICAL does not disappoint Dallas fans

By Margaret Freelon MOTOWN: THE MUSICAL currently on stage at the Winspear Opera House is overall a great production.  The  music and performers celebrating the legendary Motown sound were incredible and this stage production did not leave this reviewer longing to hear any of the Motown favorites.  They start from the moment the play opens, until the […]

Jefferson Bass’ “The Breaking Point” is a whodunit lover’s dream

By Terri Schlichenmeyer When it comes to your job, you’re a crackerjack. You have quite the reputation for doing your best, in fact, which is why colleagues come to you for help. Nobody busts a move like you: smooth, efficient and done right. Yep, when it comes to your job, you can’t be beat. Except when […]

DMA’s Arts of Africa Gallery will feature 200 more objects

Research for the reinstallation project, which was sponsored by the Texas Fund for Curatorial Research and overseen by Roslyn Adele Walker, Ph.D., Senior Curator of the Arts of Africa, the Americas, and the Pacific and The Margaret McDermott Curator of African Art, began in 2011 and included visits to national and international museums. The reconfigured […]

The Impossible Project US Road Show brings instant photography back to the heart of America

Discover the world of analog instant photography with Impossible’s US Road Show 2015. Try out classic Polaroid cameras, turn your digital images into real instant photos and explore creative techniques at Impossible workshops across the US this summer. Since saving the last Polaroid factory back in 2008, Impossible have worked together with a passionate community […]

You’ll eat up the “The Jesus Cow: A Novel”

By: Terri Schlichenmeyer The town you grew up near hasn’t changed in umpteen years. Oh, sure, there are new roads, and new houses dot the outskirts. The grocery store your Mom preferred is now owned by someone else. But there’s still a church on Main , still an everybody-knows-who-you-are watering hole, and kids still do […]

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