Do not miss the Jubilee Theatre’s magnificent season opener The Brothers Size!

The Brothers Size features two brothers trying to figure out where they go in their journey together.

By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor The Brothers Size is one of those rare plays that features a story and performances so well told that it receives almost nothing but universal approval from local critics and those around the country. More importantly it is being very well received by the audience. A rather nice size crowd enjoyed [...]

Boxtrolls is a likely leading candidate for Oscar gold


By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor The race for the Best Animated film for 2014 will certainly include The Boxtrolls. It comes from the creators of the popular “Coraline” and features the marvel of the 3D stop motion technology which adds a layer of richness to an already well-told story. The Boxtrolls leave in the shadows [...]

Five Days Left is an exceptional novel

Five Days Left

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Grandma was right. Darn it. Every year, when November rolled around and you longed for the holidays, she told you not to wish your life away. Time moved fast enough, she said, and it went faster the older you get. Back then, a week lasted forever; today, you blink and where did [...]

The Biology of Beating Stress offers sound advice

Biology of Beating Stress

By Terri Schlichenmeyer These days, antacids are your most-efficient office assistant. Aspirin is your co-worker. Sodium bicarbonate, your best friend. And stress? It’s your roommate and constant companion. Maybe it’s the up-and-down of the economy that’s made you feel this way. Maybe it’s the uncertainty that accompanies today’s workplace or perhaps it’s a combination of all [...]

Sarah Dillard’s First Day at Zoo School is a big hit

First Day at Zoo School

By Terri Schlichenmeyer This year, you’ll be just like the big kids. Yep, this year, you’re going to school. You’ll have a brand-new backpack filled with paper and crayons. You’ll have a desk where you’ll sit and raise your hand when you want to talk. You might even get to ride the bus. Best of all, [...]

Dionne Kirby enjoys making music that connects with her fans

Dallas native Dionne

By:  Jackie Hardy, NDG Contributing Writer Dallas native Dionne Kirby is making her mark in the music industry as she most recently performed with legendary jazz artist, saxophonist and flutist Najee in Austin in which she proclaims has been one of her career highlights since starting in the business. According to Dionne, music has been [...]

Risking Everything: A Freedom Summer Reader is an excellent book!

Risking Everything

By Terri Schlichenmeyer You stand on the shoulders of giants. You’ve probably heard that all your life and it’s true: a lot of people have come before you to smooth your path. You benefit from their work, efforts, and their struggles – but you probably don’t think about it much. Or maybe you don’t know about [...]

NEW MUSIC: Billy Ivan’s Asking is an interesting blend of Hip Hop and Experimental

billy ivan

By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor Billy Ivan a self-proclaimed Hip Hop/R&B/Experimental Artist/Producer from Staten Island, New York sent a link to his new song Asking. When I it began I thought I was on the wrong page and went back to the email to confirm. It is very much not your typical hip hop song [...]

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