Rachel Dolezal might land a reality show

Rachel Dolezal's appearance on the Today Show.

Radar Online is reporting that Rachel Dolezal is fielding multiple offers to film a reality show, and is seeking professional representation following her interview this morning on the “Today” show. According to the website, the former NAACP Spokane chapter president has been “offered two reality shows from different production companies,” an insider told Radar. “The […]

Adrian Peterson Wants to Play for the Dallas Cowboys

photo source: Adrian Peterson #28/facebook

by Nicholas A. Norman Special to the NNPA from the Houston Forward Times Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is reportedly set to meet with the NFL to discuss his potential reinstatement. Peterson was supposed to be eligible for reinstatement on April 15, so the league could be expediting the process. If and when Peterson […]

Was putting Fashion Police on hiatus really necessary

Fashion Police team of four is now team of two.

By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor E! Network has announced Fashion Police is on hiatus until September. This is in the wake of an offensive remark on the Oscars Red Carpet by co-host Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbouene, followed by Kathy Griffin, quitting Is this really a victory for #BlackTwitter who responded swiftly? Personally, I have […]

Lean on Me actor arrested by undercover cops with 200 pds of drugs

Jermaine Hopkins is best known for his role in the 1980s classic co-starring Morgan Freeman - Lean on Me.

Editor’s Note: Apology for sharing, because the original article that this post was linked to shows it was updated Feb. 28, 2015 — however further research shows the story originally posted following the arrest 2011. There is no apparent reason this story is suddenly showing up on various websites except for the fact it was updated […]

Rosie’s rocky relationship with Whoopi was just one factor for her View departure

Were there tension behind scenes with Whoopi and Rosie yes, but that is not the sole reason she decided to leave The View - again. Image: EURWeb.com

Editor’s note: Do you think the show has run it’s course and ABC should let it go? Maybe the lesson learned for all of us that sometimes you can’t go back and try to recapture previous success. When you are in a different place in your life, when the environment has changed – it makes […]

Is Beyoncé expecting?


One glance at this photo Beyoncé shared via Instagram this morning and what do you think? OK truth my first glance was horror at the foundation line caused by the sand I guess. But then I thought oh is she telling us she is having a baby? What do you think is going on?

GOP staffer that chided Obama girls was arrested for shoplifting as a teen

obama girls

By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor Honestly I felt like backlash against Elizabeth Lauten, the GOP staffer that created a firestorm with her criticism of the Obama girls, was a bit much. Did she really deserve to lose her job, I didn’t think so. But now comes the news she was arrested herself as a teen. So […]

Bill Cosby: Is he being treated fairly?


By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor It is really sad to see what has happened to the legacy of Bill Cosby. If he is guilty, I am sad to learn that about his character. If he is not guilty, his reputation is forever tarred over accusations so old they are not even eligible for prosecution. This […]

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