GOP staffer that chided Obama girls was arrested for shoplifting as a teen

obama girls

By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor Honestly I felt like backlash against Elizabeth Lauten, the GOP staffer that created a firestorm with her criticism of the Obama girls, was a bit much. Did she really deserve to lose her job, I didn’t think so. But now comes the news she was arrested herself as a teen. So […]

Bill Cosby: Is he being treated fairly?


By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor It is really sad to see what has happened to the legacy of Bill Cosby. If he is guilty, I am sad to learn that about his character. If he is not guilty, his reputation is forever tarred over accusations so old they are not even eligible for prosecution. This […]

Does the black female image chosen prove Paula Deen just doesn’t get it?

paula deen mammy

Most black people don’t like Paula Deen.  The main exception, of course, is Steve Harvey, who chose Deen to help him mentor boys at his summer camp.  This decision didn’t sit well with all of the black chefs who would be dying for the opportunity that an allegedly racist white woman received without even asking for […]

Cowboys’ Joseph Randle arrested by Frisco police for shoplifting


“How ‘bout dem Cowboys?” is not the question on everyone’s mind after Sunday’s win. The question on everyone’s mind after reports that Dallas Cowboy’s backup running back Joseph Randle was arrested for shoplifting must be; “How ‘bout a guy making almost a half a million dollars a year stealing underwear and a test bottle of […]

Raven Symone – Don’t label me gay or African-American

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Raven-Symone’ who played cute little Olivia on “The Cosby Show” set social media on fire back in August after the Supreme Court struck down the ban on gay marriages when she tweeted “I can finally get married. Yay government”. Social media was all a buzz trying to decipher if the “That’s So Raven” star’s comment […]

Tracy Morgan stunned that WalMart is blaming the victims of fatal crash

tracy morgan

Tracy Morgan is a bit stunned by WalMart’s allegations in their response to his lawsuit. “After I heard what Walmart said in court I felt I had to speak out,” Morgan said in a statement Tuesday. “I can’t believe Walmart is blaming me for an accident that they caused. My friends and I were doing […]

Adrian Peterson facing child negligent charges

The Minnesota Viking’s Adrian Peterson has to return to Montgmery County Texas to face child abuse charges. He reportedly spanked his son with a switch leaving bloody scars. As usual these days has info and photos.

Diana the Diva Insists on Prenup for Son

diana ross

Diana Ross’ baby boy, Evan Ross jumped the broom with rocker Ashlee Simpson Labor Day weekend in an expensive over-the-top wedding on his famous mother’s private estate in Greenwich, Conn., But TMZ is reporting that the wedding day was not without major drama. TMZ reported that according to insiders, the Diana the Diva had her […]

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