Houston woman claims Matthew Knowles is the father of her daughter

Taqoya Branscomb is the latest woman to claim Matthew Knowles owes child support

Matthew Knowles is a daddy again? Earlier this year his business was put on blast as the drama unfolded with Alexsandra Wright claimed she and her young son were homeless since Knowles would not pay child support. However, since Beyoncé fired him as her manager, his income situation has changed dramatically and the judge actually ruled he was [...]

Columbus Short’s downward spiral continues with arrest in Dallas


It appears actor  Columbus Short is determined to unravel and become the next Rodney Downey Jr. of the moment. This year he has been accused of domestic violence and arrested for a bar fight. Now he spent part of his Fourth of July holiday in Dallas police custody. Fired in April from the ABC hit [...]

Does Keke Palmer even like her dress at the BET Awards?


Keke Palmer at the BET Awards is showing folks she is all grown up! Certainly not looking like the little girl i interviewed years ago. That’s fine, great for her. But she posted four pictures on Instagram and not once is she smiling. Do you think she is having second thoughts on the outfit? Once [...]

Donald Sterling wants revenage against fellow NBA owners?

sterling cnn

CNN is reporting that Donald Sterling is hiring multiple private investigators to dig up dirt on his fellow NBA owners. It appears he wants revenage against those he considered betrayed him, he is reportedly looking for dirt on the league itself.  Is civil war about to erupt that could destroy the league’s reputation? Read more [...]

Justin Bieber Singing N-Word on Video

Just when the Donald Sterling controversy is coming to an end, another celebrity has been caught on tape using the N-word. This time teen heart-throb Justin Bieber is caught looking into a camera and singing….There’ll be one less lonely n*****. Bieber was 14-years old in the video. TMZ reported that Bieber and his wanted to [...]

Beyonce and Jay Z’s Run trailer is for the best movie you won’t see this year

Jay Z and Beyonce in their Run trailer. (Image: Just Jared)

By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor The Jay Z and Beyonce trailer entitled Run was released tonight and it shows that clearly none of us are even in their league of understanding the game of marketing.  OK Beyonce, I apologize. I really did not like your new album much. Even dissed your cover and selection by Time [...]

Sherri Shepherd Hit with Divorce Papers

It looks like Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally are done people. And I predict that there will be a war of a divorce. Click video to watch her tell how she dealt with her first husband after discovering that he cheated. First rumors were flying that two years ago Shepard cheated when she was on “Dancing [...]

Solange getting arrested for attacking Jay Z

solange mto

Solange’s attack of Jay Z in the elevator is the the story that will never die….and before you fuss at me for contributing to the drama – you did click on the story right? So, now MediaTakeOut.com is insisting Solange is now likely to be arrested by New York Police and faces a 3rd degree [...]

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