Hamas is to blame for current violence in the opinion of most Americans

According to a new national survey released by Pew Research, around twice as many Americans say Hamas is responsible for the current violence as Israel. All in all, 40 percent of people polled said that most responsibility lies with Hamas as opposed to 19 percent with Israel. The question resulted in division among Democrats – 29 percent [...]

Palin fans can now skip mainstream media for Sarah Palin Channel

Sarah Palin

The Sarah Palin Channel, which went live on Sunday, bills itself as a “direct connection” between the former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential candidate and her supporters, with “no need to please the powers that be,” Palin says in a video mission statement on her channel’s home page.  “Are you tired of the media filters?” [...]

Rice and Cornell study shows African-American homeownership is on rocky ground

Image: Rice University

HOUSTON – While historical barriers that excluded Black America from the homeowner market for decades have crumbled, there are signs that emerging types of racial inequality are making homeownership an increasingly risky investment for African-American home seekers. A new study from sociologists at Rice University and Cornell University found that African-Americans are 45 percent more likely [...]

Texas Democratic Party promise to fight to protect the vote in redistricting case


HOUSTON – Texas Democrats are in San Antonio continuing the battle over discriminatory redistricting maps drawn in 2011 by the Republican supermajority in the legislature. The contentious partisan fight over these gerrymandered maps has gone on for the past 3 years. Testimony on the state House map has ended and closing arguments are set for [...]

The case against John Wiley Price unveiled by FBI

Long-time Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price is accused by the FBI of defrauding the taxpayers of Dallas and the federal government according to the FBI during a press conference following his arrest Friday morning. He and his co-defendants are facing a 13 count, 107 page indictment was issued. Others named in the indictment include: his longtime [...]

DISD’s Home-rule – An Option for Change

Image: Kaytee Riek (Flickr)

Letter of the law gives school districts wiggle room By Tamarind Phinisee, NDG Contributing Writer The topic of home-rule has been met with both support and opposition since it was first introduced earlier this year. As the air of uncertainty continues to grow around home-rule, so has the confusion as to just what it is [...]

Obamacare reportedly saved patients $9 billion in premiums


Health care law will return to families an average refund of $80 each this year Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell announced this week that consumers have saved a total of $9 billion on their health insurance premiums since 2011 because of the Affordable Care Act. Created through the law, the 80/20 rule, [...]

Dogs Eat Better than 1 Million Children

Julianne Malveaux

The South African charity Feed a Child chose to highlight child poverty in South Africa by portraying a little Black boy being fed like a dog by a seemingly affluent White woman. In the ad, the boy has his head on the woman’s lap, at her feet, on his knees, and licking off her fingers. [...]

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