Thursday, April 2, 2020

Tribute to Black Fathers

Dr. Horace Bledsoe, Sr., and his granddaughter Jasmine Bledsoe share a special moment.

By Dr. Candice Bledsoe, NDG Special Contributor

You can read Dr. Bledsoe’s tribute to Mother’s shared earlier this spring entitled Mother’s Day Card.


The smoothness of your love

quietly whispers messages of hope and power.

Your words are wrapped with encouragement

pushing your child towards excellence.

Every day the stillness of your eyes

illuminate your badge of fatherhood.

Thanks, Daddy.


Your being magnifies creativity.

A beating heart drumming the

the rhythm of Black love.

Overcoming. Overcoming. Overcoming.

Living through racism and hate,

your song is still sweet.


Geraldine Perry and Walter Perry. Parents of Dr. Candice Bledsoe.

You are an everyday hero.

Nurturing your babies by

handling midnight feedings and diaper


Working multiple jobs  and giving as

much as you possible can.

You are present.

You left.

Yet, you are mine.



Dr. Candice Bledsoe and her father the late Rev. Alvin Lucas. The picture was taken at her kindergarten graduation.

The math teacher that stays after school to

help students with their homework.

Serving as a role model for those who don’t have


The principal who makes home visits to

show that someone cares.

A dishwasher, fast food worker, parking

attendant, professor, accountant, writer—-

Writing a heroic song of hope for your children.


Laughing in pain.

Hurting in love

You fight for the babies.




Dr. Candice Bledsoe is a faculty member at SMU’s Simmons School of Education and executive director of the Action Research Center in Dallas, Texas. Her research explores equity, access, and the experience of underrepresented students in higher education. She has received numerous fellowships including The National Endowment of the Humanities, the New Leadership Academy, National Center for Institutional Diversity, University of Michigan, and Boone Texas Project for Human Rights Education. She is a member of the 2017 cohort of Dallas Public Voices.






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