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Bobby Newt is back with new psalms

LOS ANGELES — Bobby Newt former member of the 90’s R&B group The Newtron’s, has returned releasing two inspirational songs “Where Would I Be” a gospel sensation with a powerful message and “Fiesta Sagrada” which has a Latin twist that creates a sacred party. Both sounds appeal to all demographics.

Bobby Newt having an amazing testimony and blessing his listeners with meaningful music is the reason why his song “Where Would I Be” went #1 on R&B College Radio.

Newt started singing at the age of 7 and by the age of 15 he signed a deal with MCA Records, along with his brothers The Newtron’s. Bobby and his brothers were groomed by The Jackson’s which led him to an extensive musical career.


Bobby Newt (Courtesy photo)

Bobby Newt, is a Three-Time Grammy Nominated Songwriter who has worked with the best of the best, such as Michael Jackson, Babyface and Chris Brown to name a few. Newt is also The Executive Producer of R&B Artist Tank’s “Now or Never“ album.

Bobby is very transparent and shares his story of how fame can become addictive. He also discusses the difficulties of navigating his success while overcoming lust and fame.
To listen to “Where Would I Be“ or “Fiesta Sagrada“ on Youtube.

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