Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Dallas Mayor Pro Tem West and Atkins, Two High School Scholars Win Big at Juneteenth Tennis Exhibition

Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Chad West and KGGR Talk Show Host W.J. Atkins won the Celebrity Doubles match at this year’s Juneteenth Tennis Exhibition.

The second annual exhibition was held at Kiest Tennis Center on Saturday, June 18 in Dallas.

West and Atkins bested State Representative Yvonne Davis (Dist. 111) and Lemuel Price, her Chief of Staff in a 6 – 1 set.


Gisselle Araujo and Christian Magadon (Courtesy photos)

West stated that it was a lot of fun, and that they won in spite of the rising June heat. Atkins said he was elated to play and glad his game wasn’t off too much. Morning temperatures got as high as early 90s.

“I really look forward to next year’s event,” West said.

Runner-up Davis said she enjoyed playing before the cheering crowd, yet, “We just couldn’t pull it off (a win).” Price said, “We’ll be ready next time.”


From left, State Representative Yvonne Davis, Gemeral Berry, Jr. and Lemuel Price. (Courtesy photo)

Other winners included Rev. James I. Minor and Gemeral Berry, Jr. who won the “New vs. Old School” Doubles match. They beat Gisselle Araujo and Christian Magadon, 6 – 4.

However, Araujo and Magadon were the clear winners of the Summer Tennis Scholarships. Their certificates awarded them tutoring at the center from Tennis Pro Craig Cole.

Araujo and Magadon currently attend Samuel High and play for Coach Stacy Spencer.

“This event was such a joy to hold, especially for the high school tennis players in southern Dallas,” said Berry, chair of Camp Wisdom UMC’s fundraiser, which benefits its community Youth Programs.

“We thank all of our talented high school tennis players,” Berry said. He especially thanked West and Atkins, Davis and Price for their participation to benefit the community Camp Wisdom serves.

“We had such fun watching them having fun playing tennis,” he said. “I’m sure it was a great break for Chad and Yvonne and Lemuel from their normal, tedious, legislative duties.”

“I look forward to our tennis exhibition next year.”

Lemuel Price, Chad West, W.J. Atkins and Yvonne Davis.
(Courtesy photo)


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