Arlington strip club owner puts out hit on mayor

by Latrisha McDuffie, NDG Staff Writer

An owner of the strip club Flashdancer Cabaret in Arlington was arrested and with attempting to hire a hit two hit men to murder Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck and contract city attorney Tom Brandt who was involved in the legal struggle to close the strip club.

The city of Arlington waged a legal battle with the Flashdancer Cabaret. Ryan Walker Grant and his partner agreed to close Flashdancer for a year to resolve a nuisance lawsuit filed by the Texas attorney general and the city of Arlington. The Arlington police department was also seeking to revoke Grant’s sexually oriented business license.

Grant offered to pay $10,000 for the murder of each man, according to a criminal complaint written by an FBI agent.

“They just jacked me for a year of business, and they’re trying to jack me indefinitely,” Grant was quoted in the criminal complaint as telling the alleged hit man. The supposed hit man was secretly cooperating with FBI. According to the complaint, Grant suggested that the hit man hire two “wetbacks” from Mexico to “watch a movie” in North Texas and murder Mayor Cluck and city attorney Tom Brandt  and then quickly return south of the border

Grant was picked up by police at his house in Kennedale just after meeting with the man he believed to be a hit according to the criminal complaint.

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