More gold in Gabby Douglas’ future?

On Thursday U.S. Olympian Gabby Douglas made history when she won the women’s individual all-around gold medal in gymnastics. Douglas is the first African-American female in history to do so. In fact, she is the first African-American female to make the U.S. gymnastics team since Dominique Dawes in 1996.

Now reports indicate advertisers will likely be at Douglas, 16 years-old, doorstep soon.

“Media consultant Joe Favorito says Douglas is a marketer’s dream who could easily rake in millions.

He said, “As a 16-year-old, she has really got kind of the sky is the limit. She brings so many intangibles that marketers look for. She’s young. She’s fresh. She’s a new face. … America is looking for heroes. We went into this looking for Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte and we are going to come out of it with a new gymnastics face, and that’s terrific.”

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Do you think young African American girls will begin to dream of Olympic gold as a result of Douglas’ achievement?


  1. Anthony Tillman says:

    Yes, I think that there will be a greater interest in the sport from young African American girls as a result of Ms. Douglas’ accomplishments. My niece who is nine-years old commented she wanted to begin taking ballet classes as a result of watching Ms. Douglas perform. However, the underside of this story are the levels of resources that are required to be competitive in this sport. From training in ballet, a good gym, a good coach, the time commitment of both the athlete and the family, the travel to meets, etc. It is not an inexpensive undertaking. While that should not deter young African American girls with the desire and passion to pursue this sport, the support network must be in place to help them to succeed.

    If the “Village” supports them, there will be more “Flying Squirrels” out there ready to soar!

  2. anonymous says:

    They say she may be worth five to ten million dollars in endorsement fees very soon…like now….

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