Preparation is the key to college experience

By Kendria Brown, NDG Intern

Going to college can be a fun but anxious mission. The transition from high school to college and from community college to university can be overwhelming and exciting. There are the college costs and depending on what college or university selected, there are possibly relocation stresses involved. However, these stresses can be reduced with the right preparation.

When I finished high school and attended a two-year local community college, it was the best experience ever. The atmosphere and teachers were very inviting and welcoming. The courses were pretty simple and straightforward. I managed to graduate with 3.8 grade point average (GPA).

Next, I faced the transition to a four-year college university. This transition was exciting, but again you must be prepared for higher expectations from instructors and the study and scholarship involved in the courses. So much is expected from a student seeking an undergraduate degree. There are student services to assist with these educational transitions while pursuing higher education, but you have to have the proper mindset for success in order to achieve your goal of obtaining a degree.

One important aspect of any college is communication. When taking the courses, make sure you know your instructor, maintain consistent communication as needed via email, or if necessary, office visits with them. This opportunity will allow you and the teacher to get better acquainted beyond simply being one of 40 or more students in the classroom.

The college experience is fun and rewarding. It is so diverse and you get to meet all types of people and learn new things. There are clubs, jobs, and events to provide you with useful knowledge and insightful experience on living a better life and having a better future.

Having a support network is important for both your personal and professional life, and the college experience will provide you with special connections, which can last a lifetime. College will prepare you for the real world, not only will you walk away with your degree, but you will have a broader outlook on the world around you.

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