Kids find their mom stabbed to death in Dallas, after she revealed to her boyfriend she was HIV positive following sex

By Kendria Brown, NDG Intern

There is a mother being remembered outside of her apartment in Highland Hills of Dallas- Oak Cliff. Twenty-eight-year old Cicely Bolden once lived there with her two children who are seven and eight years old, before she met her tragic death.

While dating 36-year-old Larry Dunn, Jr., he came over to her apartment last week. They had a sexual encounter and when finished, Bolden told Dunn that she was HIV positive. That is when Dunn lost it. He went to the kitchen to get a knife and stabbed the victim to death. Bolden told detectives, “She killed me, so I killed her.”

Dunn burned the clothes he wore, and ditched the knife at an Irving Waffle House dumpster where it was later retrieved.

Bolden’s two children who are seven and eight-year-old son and daughter came home to find their mother wounded and deceased. They cried out to their neighbor Latoya Arnett, who went over to see the ordeal and called the police.

Larry Dunn Jr. had been suspect and when located was very cooperative with authorities. He admitted his guilt in a taped confession.

Dunn is in custody on $500,000 bond.

The children are with the father of Cicely’s son- Jeff Busby. Busby stated that Bolden contracted HIV within the last couple of years. He recalls Bolden as “a good mom.”

“I can’t imagine my kids seeing me like that. I know it hurt them”, says Busby.

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