Christmas Blessings for Young Angels

L to R: Sergio Mejia, Jessica Puerta, Ms. Paulette Allen, Activity Director, Leticia Baca, Alicia Baca, Elizabeth Puerta and in front Anicia Baca.

This is the story of six young angels that unselfishness decided to give their Christmas gifts and money from their family and friends to the residents at the Premier Transitional Care & Nursing Home at the northwest corner of Harry Hines Blvd. and Mockingbird Blvd.

A mother of two of the children heard me seeking volunteers for the nursing home and told me that her two children and her sister’s four have wanted to volunteer at a nursing facility; she asked if it was possible for them to volunteer.  I immediately called Ms. Paulette Allen, the Activity Director and set an appointment for them to be interviewed on Saturday, October 13, 2012.

Ms. Olga Mejia, a parent arrived before I did; stating how excited the children had been to get to the nursing home that morning so they left early.

They were serving coffee, milk, tea, water and juice to the residents.  They were removing nail polish and applying new polish, with the resident’s choice colors.  They read storybooks to the resident; and even stayed to help serve lunch trays to them.

The next morning, before leaving for church, I received a call from Ms. Olga telling me how excited the children were volunteering at the nursing home.  She mentioned all that they had done that day.  The children helped with afternoon bingo games, read to residents in the activity room; and also in the rooms of residents that are unable to get out of their beds.

They were so glad to do something for others that they asked their parents to allow them to use their Christmas money to buy gifts, crafts and books to be read to the residents.  Someone has taught them that it is better to give than receive, wouldn’t you say?

These are the type of things that older and mature Christians do for others, not usually children.  In this day and time to know young people that are thinking of what they can do to make others more comfortable in life and feel the love of God is heart warming to say the least.  To these children it’s about others and not about themselves.

North Dallas Gazette (NDG) will print the name and picture of the church, organization or individual (with their permission) in a later edition, on the Internet, www.northdallasgazette.com and on NDG’s social Medias, such as Facebook, twitter.com and flickr too.  The children do not know about this act of kindness and God’s blessings for them.  With your help, what a surprise this will be for them on Christmas morning 2012.

The following names, ages, sizes, etc. is of each child; please help with this blessing by picking an item from this list for the child.  The deadline for gifts and donations is December 17, 2012; when the list is complete, we will let you know ASAP.  If gifts are given after the deadline, they will be given to Toys for Tots.  Receipts will be kept for verification.

1. Elizabeth Puerta, age 15, is a straight A student in school; the others makes A’s and B’s.)  She loves to read; a gift card from Half Price Book store will be wonderful.  She wears a size 5 in pants, a large in a shirt size and a size 5 in tennis shoes, her favorite color is green.

2. Sergio Mejia (the only young man in this group) age 13.  He wants a bike (husky size please) and loves video games (living with five girls, no wonder!)  His pants & shirt size are both a Husky 16.  His tennis shoes are 5 wide and his favorite color is blue.

3. Leticia Baca, age 12; she wants a bike and loves to dance.  She wears a size 10 in pants and a medium shirt.  Her tennis shoes are 4 and her favorite color is turquoise.

4. Jessica Puerta, age 11; she wants a bike and loves to dance.  She wears a size 12 in pants, a medium shirt; her tennis shoes are 3 and her favorite color is purple.

5. Alicia Baca, age 9; she wants a bike and loves to dress up (for any occasion.)  She wears a size 8 in pants and a size 10 shirt.  Her tennis shoes are 3 also and her favorite color is pink.

6. Anicia Baca, age 7; she wants a bike and loves “girly girl things: hair, jewelry, baby dolls, etc.”  She wears a size 6 in pants and a size 7 shirt.  Her tennis shoes are 12 and her favorite color is red.

We all know that we can’t beat God giving; but doesn’t it warm your heart to know that you are a vessel that our Lord and Savior will use to brighten the hearts of these deserving young people?

Thank you for your contribution and God bless you.  Mail your donation or gift card to the address below.

Christmas Blessings 2012

1507 Milam Way

Carrollton, TX 75006-7635

972-416-6109 (HM)

Photo Gallery of Six Young Angels at Premier Nursing Care

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