Is Hostages the next fall TV show to be cancelled?

Looks like Collette and McDermott cannot rescue the Hostages on CBS

Looks like Collette and McDermott cannot rescue the Hostages on CBS

By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor

I had such high hopes for CBS’ Hostages as a big fan of Dylan McDermott and Toni Collette – and yes I even like Jerry Bruckheimer. But this show was a disappointment from the first episode. It also had the misfortune of being opposite NBC’s very well promoted The Blacklist – and add to the mix that Blacklist is better and you see the writing on the wall for Hostages.

I would love to know how they planned to take the show beyond the 15 weeks anyway. I think that is part of the reason why I stay with it. But at this point, I just want to get to the end and see how they wrap up the storylines.

Honestly I was surprised at how boring the show was. It is as if the actors could not bring themselves to believe the crazy premise a family is being held hostage by a FBI Agent (McDermott) for two weeks until the doctor (Collette) can kill the president during a surgical procedure. I mean really putting a GPS tracker inside the back of your children? And then they surgically remove it themselves – only to be captured again. Oh that is an interesting storyline, but you really have to sell it and they don’t.

I can never stay focused for a full episode, literally having to rewind. Then I realize – why am I even trying – they don’t seem to be putting that much effort into it.

The second surprise is how CBS allowed NBC to run circles around them with marketing their dueling shows. Initially, I thought Blacklist was likely overhyped. It was everywhere, and every once in a while you would hear about Hostages. Then I saw Blacklist and wanted to see the entire season NOW on Netflix. A bit surprising, because frankly James Spader is a bit annoying to me. But his air of superiority fits the role perfectly. The Blacklist’s premise is even less believable than Hostages, but the performances sell it.

Perhaps as the number one broadcast network and with a popular and handsome leading man like McDermott, was a bit cocky. Add in the names of Bruckheimer and Collette, who is known for great performances, and I can see why the network never saw how badly the show would be trampled. But even after a rocky start, past the first week, it does not seem the network seem to consider the show DOA.

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  1. Christine says:

    Dylan McDermott is a good actor, but the show just wasn’t that fun to watch. As you stated The Blacklist is a lot more fun. In fact, the Blacklist is probably my favorite show on the air currently. It is hard to beat James Spader. What I don’t understand is why not move Hostages to another night for a few weeks and see if maybe having lesser competition might help the ratings. Castle is a strong show too.

  2. NDG Staff says:

    Good point on Castle, I am missing this season so far because I am taping blacklist and hostage

    Excellent point about why have they not MOVED the show – it is an example of how I think the network has not supported the show.

  3. Brian Rorke says:

    you idiots if you cancel hostages u f@*king wrong if you do i will stop watching CBS and so would a lot of people CBS has turned to a discrete

  4. mandy gosselin says:

    I love this show and will be really pissed if it’s cancelled!!!!

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