History Making Dates

Three History Making Dates In The Evolution Of The North Dallas Gazette.com

MON-The Gazette Changes To The North Dallas Gazette – June 2007

Since MON-The Gazette moved to Plano from the southern sector of Dallas in October 2000, the world has changed, America has changed, and North Dallas has changed. And we believe it is time for us to change. With this issue, we are changing our name to The North Dallas Gazette, to better reflect our territorial coverage and the people we serve.


Mr. Thurman R. Jones receives award from Garland Branch of the NAACP, president Mr. B.J. Williams (presenter)

Our vision when we relocated was to serve the interests and needs of the growing minority community in the northern sector of Dallas. We haveaccomplished this with thanks to a dedicated editorial and business staff, and with the support of our readers and sponsors.

And although we knew our move would bring change and challenges, nothing could have prepared us for the changes that have occurred locally,nationally and around the world during that time, and the challenges they have brought.

It was with you in mind, the citizens we serve in the north Dallas sector, that we faced those challenges head on – through hard news reporting, features, spiritual insights and editorials. We did it by building business and personal relationships in our new area, whilst maintaining some of the ties we had when we were based in the southern Dallas corridor, knowing that what happens in the minority communities around Dallas affects the minority communities of north Dallas.

But we recognize that north Dallas is one part of a big picture, and is affected not only by what happens in other areas of Dallas, but by what happens state-wide, nationally and internationally. And we’ve been there for you every week for over six years.

MON-The Gazette – now The North Dallas Gazette, has been with you through two controversial general elections, local governmental elections and even the Texas redistricting debacle of 2003.

Together, we saw the Twin Towers being destroyed, and we have served you through the ensuing economic and emotional trauma. We’ve seen our sons and daughters go to war, and have provided hard news reporting, editorials and spiritual columns to keep you informed and encouraged.

In December 2002, we welcomed DART Rail to Plano with you; yet only two months later we were mourning the loss of the space shuttle Columbia when it exploded over Texas.

We sat in traffic with you as we waited for, and saw in 2005, the completion of the High Five Interchange. We’ve driven down the ever-expanding President George Bush, joining the eastern part of our territory to the west.

When the Rev. Zan Holmes retired, we were with you. When our area churches held their anniversary services, we were with you. When two of our board members died (Mr. John Hightower and Mr. Ben Thomas), we mourned with you.

And when Hollywood agent, Benny Medina, and actor Blair Underwood attended the grand opening of Kicks Coffee Café in Plano, we were there with you.

The world we knew when we moved to Plano has changed. The City of Plano has changed. But our dedication to providing our readers with a quality publication that addresses your needs, interests and desires stays steadfast.

Our name has changed, but our resolve to serve the minority community of the north Dallas region remains constant. We are proud to have served you through many changes. And we thank you for inviting us into your homes and hearts every week with our publication.

We look forward to the years ahead, as we continue to address issues important to the minority community, and to build positive business and personal relationships in the north Dallas region.

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