Tuesday, June 28, 2022

All White basketball league a no-go

By Ivy N. Carter, MBA

The NAACP in Atlanta is publically announcing its pledge to stop the proposal for an all White player and coach basketball league. Earlier this week Don “Moose” Lewis released a proposal to the media of his desires to start the All-American Basketball Association which he says will identify the fundamental of basketball and not tolerate the lack of sportsmanship Black players offer. His proposed league will only be for Whites who have natural birth White parents but he offers ownership to anyone including minorities.

Lewis pledges that he is not a racist and wants the appreciation restored to basketball however, famed former basketball superstar Charles Barkley said, “It lets you know, as a black man, there are people out there who don’t like you.”

The campaign to stop the acceptance of the league is being spearheaded by Rev. R.L. White, president of the NAACP. He feels Lewis’ desire to separate basketball players is a major step backwards in the fight for civil rights and the NAACP may take legal action. “We’re going to be watching this very closely because it attempts to set back what we’ve been trying to do for 100 years,” said White.


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