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And the award for most banned venues…Kanye West

Kanye West

“No disrespect Ray Charles, Bjork and anyone else who have been banned, but I get banned more than anyone from any place in Hollywood.” Nah Kanye West didn’t say that but I am sure if he had a chance to win an award for The Single Most Artist Banned from Hollywood, Music Industry Events, Just Anywhere People Are, that would be his acceptance speech.

It seems that since the death of his mother, former professor Dr. Donda West, West’s mental capacity has slowly diminished. He was recently MIA from the 2010 Grammy’s, the music industry’s highest honor. The reason has yet to be released but speculation is that the Grammy’s producers did not want to witness a West meltdown like he had at the MTV Awards during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. To add injury to insult he acts a plum idiot on a LAX flight because he wanted a free upgrade to first class. Even George Clooney banned West from his recently live airing of Hope for Haiti telethon.

We use to think he was just a spoiled brat because he was an only child but now it seems like he is in meltdown mode. But where are his friends? You know his Roc Dynasty Family? Someone should consider checking West into a mental institution before he ends up on the corner chasing random cars.

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