Monday, May 23, 2022

A man was almost Miss Universe


Usually, when a beauty pageant scandal breaks out it involves naked pictures in Playboy magazine. But this time Hugh Hefner has nothing to do with it. Jenna Talackova was thrown out of Miss Universe pageant according to a statement from the organization because she or he, whatever..Does not “meet the requirements to compete, despite having stated otherwise on her entry form.” In other words, although the 23-year old contestant  looks great he wasn’t born a girl.

Question: Can you tell which woman was born a man?

It is the blond!

I have one question. If a doctor can make a man look that good as a woman, what can he do about the wings under my arms, my no longer flat stomach, and the weird thing happening with my chin?

Talackova underwent gender reassignment surgery when he was 19 to become the beauty queen she is today. Producers of the international beauty pageant commented that they respect Talackova’s and that they wish her the best. Talackova released a statement that she was disappointed with the ruling.

But the director of the pageant, Denis Davila, stated that there is one very crystal clear rule; you must be born a woman!  Talackova checked that he was a female on his  original registration but later clarified that he wasn’t born that way.


  1. I will say something, not that anyone cares or wants to hear. We live in a world where a lot of people are unholy, unthoughtful and unthankful in just about everything. This being gay crap has gone too far. How can America just forget about God which it stands and allow this evilness to polute and corrupt our lives. I don’t care if you are gay thats your SIN and YOU WILL answer for it. Just keep it out of my face and in the darknes where it belongs. Look at this mess with the Miss Universe Pagent, and the right to marry someone of the same sex, MESS. Animals don’t even mate with same sex partners. What I believe is that gay people need reconition so that they can have the rest of us help them feel good about themselves and the MESS they do. I AM A MAN and many times turn my head to keep some gay looking dude from making eyes with me as if I am interested. The gay men I see mostly seems to always be looking for a hook up with multiple partners. KEEP YOUR MESS TO YOURSELF AND STOP FORCING ME TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT INT MEDIA, COURTS, STREETS AND IN THE MISS UNIVERSE PAGENT

  2. I agree with you 10000000000% I’m sick of people saying homophobe or you’re politically incorrect when you don’t agree with sin. Tell it to the Father God who ordained the word – “No SODOMY” & keep your rainbow crap in the closet. I’m not waiving a “Straight Flag” so why the advertisement about your sexuality. God Bless to the confused & disobedient

  3. I’m a straight male and think both your replies are about just plain stupid! if your so Righteous why hide behind a screen name! Is that what your god teaches? You probably don’t know, because of your uneducated back ass ways! SRS has NOTHING to do with being GAY and everything to do with one Chromosome. Its a birth defect, no different then any other that would be corrected and no one would have a problem with.


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