Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Rev. Al Sharpton says 2012 is the year that the people prevailed

Rev. Al Sharpton says the year 2012 has tried the people of the nation who have united together to let freedom prevail by speaking out and social collecting to make change. There has been shocking shootings and deaths this year among our youth and others which has brought people of our nation closer together to seek justice for all. Although the rich and powerful have tried to “have it their way” with our legal justice system, time and time again minorities throughout the nation have come together to create a voice in 2012 that led us to great victory such as re-election of President Obama.

For much of this year, there were a barrage of attacks on women, unions, immigrants, gays/lesbians, the middle-class and the poor. From attempts at eliminating women’s reproductive rights to halting same-sex marriage, to methods of dismantling workers’ collective bargaining and organizing rights, these disruptive actions proved only to further mobilize and unite the majority. No matter how many times they disparaged folks, at the end of the day, it was the men and women of this country that fought back either through our legal system, by demonstrating on our streets or by the ballot. Time and time again, we proved that truth and progress have more value than dollars and cents.

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