Saturday, July 4, 2020

Expressionery adds flair and personalization


By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor

Expressionery is a website ready to fulfill a need to add our personal touch. Yes, we tweet, post our favorite photos on Instagram and Snapchat and document everything we do and think on Facebook. However, when we receive an actual handwritten card or postcard in the mail we are delighted because it is is such a rarity.

As a business leader or just a friend, sometimes we simply want to stand out in the crowd. Sending real correspondence with a touch of flair reflecting our personality is a great way to achieve this goal. After all when the mail comes in, will we open the glossy, mass-produced mailer first or the personalized envelope?

Expressionery is a website offering affordable customized stamps to use for your mailouts until it is time to invest in pre-printed stock. And even later the stamps are great for items such as gift tags, promotional material for handouts and the list goes on. They offer eight pages of designs to consider, so whether you are seeking something for your personal mail or business, you should be able to find a font and design to express your style and image.

Once you select a design you love, you can carry it over to notecards, notepads and printed stationery. This is an easy solution for creating a polished and consistent look for your new venture. Of course, personal stationery options are plentiful too.

A primary focus of the website is weddings, teachers and invitations such as graduation. Let’s face it we want to send out those handwritten invites, but how many times can you write your address again and again. Compromise and find a great custom stamp for the address then focus your time on handwritten notes.

Finally, Expressionery not only focuses on selling products, but the website features helpful tips on photos, building a stationery wardrobe and even on how to write a bereavement message, one of the hardest things we will ever write. For those of us who are a little bit grammar challenged the website includes reminders such as the difference between stationery vs. stationary (yes I had to look it up!) and other commonly misspelled words.

Whether you are a new business owner, planning a wedding or retirement party or someone who simple wants to enjoy sending a REAL message – offers options you will love.



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