Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Art Therapy As Dallas Recovers

 A Night Of Neighborhood Harmony - Hosted by Bishop Arts District .
A Night Of Neighborhood Harmony – image: facebook

By McKenna Wierman

NDG Special Contributor
It’s been a tough week in Dallas, and it’s going to take some time for our city to heal. Just like social change takes time and effort to come about, it takes time and effort to walk down the street and feel completely normal again.
This weekend, find comfort in the walls of your favorite art spots around town. Seek asylum with your fellow Dallasites and with the museums and the celebrations of love the city has to offer.
FridayJuly 156 p.m.Midnight – Midnight at the Nasher – Nasher Sculpture Center
They say laughter is the best medicine and music soothes the soul. This week, Midnight at the Nasher will feature acoustic singer-songwriter showcase Casey Reid, a concert by Northern National and at 9 p.m. a showing of Weekend at Bernie’s. View the permanent installations, take a tour and kick back and relax among your fellow art lovers. Find peace at the Nasher.
Friday July 15 6p.m.Sunday July 17 4 p.m. – Therapy for a Vampire – The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Sometimes the best way to wind down is to delve into some hilarious, outrageous and undead drama. This weekend catch the critically acclaimed film, “Therapy for a Vampire” and get in touch with the sensitive side of your inner demons. The German film will be shown (with subtitles) at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Bring some friends, a date or grab some alone time. Take a stroll around the exhibits before the movie starts, and give your brain a well-deserved rest.
Friday July 157-10 p.m. – Let Them Eat Cake – Dallas Museum of Art
Take a trip back in time and explore the art of the French portraiture in honor of Bastille Day. Spend some time with old French aristocracy and bourgeoisie, along with music by the gypsy jazz quartet String Theory Manouche. You can also brush up on your history of the French Revolution from Dr. Suzanne Desan from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Let the spirit of liberty guide you through the art at the Dallas Museum of Art, and get inspired for the future.
Friday July 158-10 p.m. – Night of Neighborhood Harmony – The Laughing Willow, Bishop Arts
Now if you’re more in the mood for community, Bishop Arts has you covered this Friday. Join the Bishop Arts neighborhood Arts District as they come together in love to lift their voices in harmony in the spirit of unity and community. Hymns will be provided, songs will be sung and spirits will be lifted. According to the facebook event page, only love is allowed; no hate. The conductor will be located at the Laughing Willow stage, and the choir will spread from there. So don’t be shy, come on out and express yourself. Let your heart do the talking for you–just grab some buddies, open up your mouth and start singing.
Remember, healing from our recent tragedy is part of what makes us #DALLASstrong. We should all come together as a community and celebrate the beautiful things our city has to offer us, celebrate the beautiful people that surround us, and be inspired to make our world the most beautiful it can be.


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