Monday, August 10, 2020

What Are Teenagers Buying Fake IDs For?

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While there is a high demand for fake IDs, many people forget the repercussions of being caught with a Fake ID in Texas. However, teenagers are the leading buyers of false IDs, and to some extent, you can never blame. With all the things to do in life, being restricted because of age is the lamest excuse that someone can ever come up with. Some of the main reasons why underage in Texas are buying fake IDs at an alarming rate include:

To impress the girls

Since science says that girls mature faster than boys, they are not taking the loss lightly. That is why you will find that teenage boys will buy fake IDs so that they can gain access to things and places like clubs. Additionally, having an ID is cool and high school girls would instead go for a guy they know can have access to things like alcohol and easily. Furthermore, girls like boys with cars and one way of getting a rental car are by having a legal ID. However, you should know that fake IDs are widely being used to rent vehicles in Texas and most of these rentals are used to take high school girls for rides.

To get into clubs

This is perhaps one of the reasons why fake IDs were invented. We all know that teenagers would rather spend the rest of their lives partying. The only problem is that teenagers are not allowed inside night clubs. Not without an ID of course. Night clubs provide the perfect habitat for any teenager, but the only problem is that some of the things taking place inside night clubs are not suitable for school going children. However, with a fake I, no one cares what you are doing inside a night club even if you are a teenager. You will, however, want to be cautious because security guards at clubs are pros at detecting fake IDs.

Buy alcohol

According to research, a high number of teenagers in Texas are alcoholics. That means, they need juice for them to feel alive. Since no parent can buy alcohol for their child, fake IDs have been used to get the school children drunk. Teenagers with fake IDs are much valued in high school because they are the ones who can supply the booze. Also, there are other things like over the counter drugs and cigarettes which these teenagers use to get high but cannot be obtained without a valid legal ID. The reason why alcohol has become the main reason why teenagers need fake IDs is that they find it risky to ask people to buy on their behalf.

To be able to participate

There are so many things that will require you to have a legal identification to participate. Gambling in casinos or participating in lotto are thing meant for grownups. But, you will find that some underage kids are better at playing and winning such games. The only problem is that they must be of the legal age. Since money does not wait for anyone, these teenagers have been using fake IDs to get rich. Typically, it is against the law for underage children to participate in gambling or games associated with money.

Provides more freedom

Typically, teenagers will do whatever it takes to find fun. That is why if there is a party, they are most likely to flood the venue. However, not all parties turn out the way it is expected. Maybe the party is, or a fight broke out, and it had to be shut down. For a regular underage, finding the way home is the next thing to do even if they only lasted at the party for twenty minutes. With a fake ID, you can decide to take the party elsewhere in a bar or a night club without ruining the original plan which was to have fun.

Access to services

There are some things that you can never get unless you have proof of being an adult. Things like tattoos and piercing are not supposed to be offered to children. As we all know, the right time to get a tattoo or piercing is during high school when you still don’t have any good reason to. It is not new to see teenagers with tattoos today in Texas, and while most people don’t know it, fake IDs are getting the children all the things the parents don’t want them to.

Online shopping

Thanks to the internet, teenagers today can order for whatever they want. Although online stores are not permitted to sell to children without the parents’ permission, teenagers today have found a way of shopping online without their parents knowing it. Typically the trick is to order items online and pay on delivery. That is because, to pay online, you must have a loaded smart card which is impossible to own as a child.

Peer pressure

It may not be the intentions of a teenager to own a fake ID but he thought of being alone for the better part of high school is tormenting. With so many things to do, high school kids like it when they do stuff together because it will be more fun. To participate, these children are prepared for any fun activity. Remember that the kind of things that teenagers want to have for fun are designated for adults. With a fake ID, a teenager feels like they can tag along to anywhere the rest of the group is going without the fear of missing out.


While so many teenagers are getting fake IDs in high school, it is imperative to know where the ID comes from matters. The reason why some fake IDs get detected while others don’t is that faking IDs is an art. It is critical that you get the best artists. Remember that teenagers do not only use fake IDs. Some situations in life can make any adult search for a fake ID. Whatever the case, you don’t want to get caught with a fake identification card.



  1. Well said, teenagers whether they are in Texas or at any place utilize such IDs to get access to the events where they are not allowed means illegally. Perhaps, they do offer some sort of assistance but in a end they labelled as il-legit so have to be caution…


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