Saturday, August 15, 2020

NDG Mourns the Passing of Long-time Editor and Friend

Ruth Ferguson, who began working for NDG in 2005, passed away on Monday, May 18.

For many years now, Ruth Elaine Ferguson has been a conduit of news and information to the African American community, as well as others, through her work as the editor of the North Dallas Gazette. She began as a contributing writer, and earned her way to helm the editorial end of the newspaper. She  passed away in the early morning hours of May 18.

Ferguson’s friends describe her as a “curator of the written word.” She was an avid reader, and was always passionate about learning new things.

She was born on May 22, 1965 in Ethiopia. She came to the U.S. after being adopted and grew up in Garland, graduating in 1983 from South Garland High School before attending Texas Christian University.

Her presence will be missed greatly by her colleagues and coworkers. “We miss you Ruth… now and forever,” said NDG Publiher Thurman R. Jones. “To know Ruth Ferguson was to love her. She had the gentlest personality but she was unrelenting when she became passionate about matters that impacted the communities of North Texas and throughout the country.

“After Ruth became the editor of the North Dallas Gazette our paper experienced many accomplishments and milestones. Her profound contributions to telling the story from a broader perspective always enabled our audience to see the full perspective versus from the perspective of the community only.

“Ruth was diligent, caring, and trustworthy with everything that she did for North Dallas Gazette. When we implemented our social media strategy, Ruth was dedicated to making our content for a broader audience while sticking to the issues. She wanted to tell the news for the other people’s perspective and she understood that the important stories often got lost in the shuffle of big media. She was our hero because she cared about our content and what our audience received everyday and every week.

“There were many times when we would battle with her to be firmer on the paper’s stance on fighting social injustices but Ruth always gently pushed back and reminded us that our issues was bigger and she selectively fought to include media from the mountaintop versus the valley. Ruth was quiet but her laugh is most remembered.

“We will greatly miss you Ruth Ferguson, editor and social media director of North Dallas Gazette 2005-2020.”

In addition to her newspaper work, Ferguson was a first administrator for St. Mark Baptist Church, a paralegal for Sydney Powell Esquire, an executive administrator for the American Heart Association, administrator for Services of Hope, and Vice President of Social Media Delivered.

There will be a balloon release in honor of Ruth Ferguson on May 22 at 6 p.m. at Flag Pole Hill Park (8015 Doran Cr., Dallas, TX 75201). Attendees are asked to bring purple and teal balloons to be released, and books which will be donated in Ferguson’s name.


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