Friday, June 25, 2021

Dentistry office offers grocery giveaway in Bishop Arts on Saturday

MINT dentistry’s goal of putting smiles on people’s faces doesn’t stop during a pandemic: To help a community in need, the dentistry practice is providing groceries for people who are experiencing food insecurity. MINT dentistry founder Dr. Field Harrison and his wife, Sabrina Harrison, have joined employees and volunteers to give away boxes of groceries to people who line up in their cars at a MINT grocery giveaway, an initiative the dentistry practice has been doing on Saturdays. This week’s giveaway is at the MINT dentistry office in Bishop Arts, at 2433 W Davis Street, Dallas, Texas 75211 on Saturday, June 13, from 10 a.m. to noon.

Volunteers help load groceries during one of the recent food giveaways hosted by MINT Dentistry. (Courtesy photo)

“Need groceries? Just show up,” Dr. Harrison said. “We just wanted to do our very small part and try to help people out.”

During the event, 500 plus boxes of groceries purchased by MINT from Minnie’s Food Pantry will be given away, each containing a week’s worth of food. People can simply line up in their vehicles to receive a box (touch-free, from volunteers wearing masks), and a message of hope. Each box contains a week’s worth of meals and includes non-perishable items like spaghetti, rice, peanut butter, canned goods and more. The box also contains something important for a healthy smile: a full-sized tube of toothpaste from MINT dentistry.

Dr. Harrison and Sabrina have been shocked at reports on the news about all the people who have lost jobs and are hungry due to this pandemic. They immediately decided that they needed to help, and devised a plan for MINT dentistry to fund grocery giveaways from Minnie’s Food Pantry at MINT dentistry offices. Through several weeks of grocery giveaways, MINT dentistry has provided more than 3,000 boxes of food to local citizens in need.

Though the cause of hunger is serious, the grocery giveaway events have a celebratory vibe: MINT dentistry employs a local DJ to play music, volunteers dance while they assist, and people hold signs with messages like “We Love You.” There are smiles all around, waves from volunteers, and honks from appreciative recipients, who find something else in their box when they arrive home – a personal message from MINT dentistry that expresses best wishes and a prayer for the recipients of the box.

Through his community service and through his dental work, Dr. Harrison is passionate about healing pain—whether that’s dental pain, spiritual pain, mental pain, loss of dignity, or financial pain. Even before he graduated from dental school, Dr. Harrison was volunteering in a clinic offering free dental care in South Dallas, and traveling to Romania with other doctors and dentists to end a village’s suffering with tooth and jaw pain. Since founding MINT dentistry with the conviction that outstanding dental care should be affordable to everyone, Dr. Harrison continues to give back, including providing free dental care to soldiers who’ve suffered grievous tooth and jaw injuries in combat. Dr. Harrison and Sabrina Harrison are devout Christians who welcome those of all faiths, and who believe strongly in giving back to their communities.


  1. What about people like my self disabled and don’t have transportation to get there. Will it be away you all can deliver or is that asking to much?

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