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Can I Get Title Loans Nearby Without a Job?

Antoine Dautry

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Can I Get Title Loans Nearby Without a Job?

When you are unemployed and need immediate cash, then it’s when you start searching for title loans nearby. However, if you wonder whether it is possible to get this loan without a job or not, you should be surprised to know that it is possible to get a car title loan without a job. You need to understand that not every lending company offers you the same facility; only a few are ready to provide a comfy cushion to unemployed people.

How Does Title Loan without Job Work?

People get skeptical when it comes to such a good offer. They think that it’s not possible to have their hands on a loan without a job. It’s time to know the modern loan world better. In traditional settings, where banks and other financial institutes demand credit score, income proof, and other stuff, a title loan company only requires a car title.

Instead of getting worried about the online scam, you should get an understanding of a title loan. And how it works. When you get a car title loan then your car title is used as collateral. A lender neither demands a cosigner nor runs a credit check. It’s because the lender will become a lienholder on your car title. There is no need to find a cosigner as you often have to do while getting a traditional loan.

What are the Main Requirements of Car Title Loan Without a Job?

As you don’t have an income proof to showcase while getting a title loan, then what are other things that you must have. First of all, a loan company will require you to have a lien-free title. In case someone is a lienholder for your car title, then it won’t be possible for you to get this loan. Another essential requirement is that you must be over 18 years old. You will provide an original title of your car title alongside your government-issued ID card. Another must is vehicle outright for this loan.

What’s the Process of Title Loan?

When it comes to getting a title loan without a job, you don’t have to do much. Many lenders are assisting their clients by offering them online loan application facilities. You will fill out the application by furnishing all the required documents and then submit your form. When it comes to approval, then a thing that makes title loans nearby a great option is the speed. You don’t have to wait much. Many lenders are ready to provide you loans within a day or two.

Why Should You Take Title Loan?

An unemployed person can think of getting a loan without a job, and it’s an excellent opportunity to raise immediate cash when you have no other option to tap onto. Your car will work as the collateral and help you generate fast cash. This loan is featured with low interest, especially when you opt for one month term. However, when you cannot pay the loan back within a month, you better go with a longer-term. The flexible payment schedule offers you great relief, as you only have to handle only monthly payments without concerning a lot. 


  1. Can you get a title loan without a job? of course. Is it wise to do so? No! Title loans are meant to be short-term loans that borrowers can use for financial emergencies. If you take out one of these loans, it’s best to pay back the principle and interest as soon as possible. If you don’t have a job, you obviously won’t be in a position to pay the loan back with 30-days. For this reason, I don’t agree with this article. You should avoid these short-term loans at all costs if you’re unemployed.


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