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Factors That Affect Car Insurance Rates

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Factors That Affect Car Insurance Rates

You have to admit that you are a bit confused as to how some car insurance companies decide on how they are going to charge different people their car insurance rates. You have to be aware of the different factors so that if there are certain factors that you can still change. Insurance companies will usually look for some specific data that they can use so that they can determine your personalized rates.

What Factors Affect Your Car Insurance Rates?

Now that you are aware that there are always going to be several factors that will be considered by car insurance companies, it will help to be familiar with what these factors are. There are some factors that you may actually maneuver to your advantage so that you will have a higher chance of acquiring better rates.

Do you know that different car insurance companies will make an effort to do a background check on you just to see if you are a good candidate for the insurance that they are offering. The more promising your details are, the better it would be for you. There are some risk factor that you might not find to be obvious in the beginning but will play a huge role on your car insurance rates later on.

At this point, you cannot help but wonder what exactly are the available rating factors?

Your Age

One thing that you should know right now is this: the younger you are, the higher your car insurance rates will be. A lot of the young drivers right now are considered to be a bit immature. They tend to be more reckless behind the wheel which means that they are more likely to get into accidents as compared to those who are already older and more experienced. The rates will always decrease at different times but you will notice a significant change in your car insurance rates the moment that you reach the age of 25.

Driving History

When you are trying to hire any person, one of the things that you would look into is the person’s background. You want to make sure that the person has experience in doing the tasks that you would like the person to do. It can be problematic if you would hire a person who does not have any experience at all.

This is also something that would apply to driving. You need to make sure that your driving history is good otherwise you can expect that you will have higher rates. If you have not driven any car no matter what your age is, your insurance rates will always be higher. When you have better history, you will also get nicer rates. Even a minor violation will be enough to make you have higher insurance rates.

Credit Score

A lot of people think that a person’s credit score should not affect the type of car insurance rates that people will get but this is something that happens now. Those who have low credit scores are more likely to file more claims which means that their insurance rates should also be higher. There are some studies wherein those with lower credit scores may also file for fraudulent claims and this is something that insurance companies would like to avoid for sure.

Years of Driving Experience

How long have you been driving? The number of years that you have driven your car will also determine how high or how low your premium is going to be. According to studies and also based on people’s experience, the more that they drive, the more that they become better drivers. It is okay to have some basic knowledge on how you should drive but the more that you drive, the more that you will learn better driving skills. Your skills will definitely be useful in lowering your car insurance rates.


Have you ever wondered why there are some people right now who make an effort to know the car insurance rates before moving? This is because car insurance rates will greatly differ depending on your location. There are some places that come with more accident-prone areas which means that car insurance rates will be higher for those locations as compared to those wherein accidents rarely happen.


There are definitely a lot of studies that are being done regarding how men and women drive. According to some studies, younger men will tend to be more reckless as compared to younger women which means that car insurance rates will be higher for younger men as compared to women. By the time that men and women become older though, older women will get into more accidents as compared to men which means that their car insurance rates will be higher especially when a certain age is reached.

Insurance History

When you have higher limits with the type of car insurance policies that you have gotten in the past, the more that your car insurance premiums will cost. Remember that you may need more insurance depending on the type of insurance that you have gotten in the past. Insurance companies just want to be careful with giving you the policy that they feel you deserve.

Annual Mileage

There is one thing that you should realize: the lesser time that you spend on driving your car, the lesser the chances that you will get into an accident. This means that if you do not normally use your vehicle, your car insurance rates will also be lower as compared to other people who would need to drive their car often.

Marital Status

Do you know that people who are said to be married have a lesser chance of getting into accidents as compared to those who are single? It seems that those who are single would have the tendency to become more reckless especially if they are trying to impress the people that they are driving around with. Those who are married may become more careful drivers especially if they would need to drive their kids from one place to another.

Claims History

The more claims that you have filed, the more that this means that you have already gotten into different accidents. There are also some people who are also known to have filed more claims because they would like to get more money from the insurance company. The lesser number of times that you have filed claims, the lower your car insurance rates are going to be.

Coverage Level

There are different types of coverage that are available depending on the car insurance policy that you are going to get. The higher the coverage level and the more types of coverage that you want, the higher the prices are going to be.


You may be surprised by this but the type of vehicle that you will use will play a huge factor on the amount that you would need to pay for your car insurance policy. Some of the older vehicles that are available will cost so much higher to maintain as compared to newer vehicles. There are also some vehicles that are more likely to be stolen as compared to others. It is best that you will know the type of coverage that will be perfect for the vehicle that you have.

Vehicle Ownership Status

This is somehow related to the type of vehicle that you own. The number of years that you own the vehicle may also play a factor. There are some that would get car insurance for the vehicle that you own. At times, you may also get car insurance for a car that you do not own.

Discount Options

There are some car insurance companies that are available right now that will provide you with some discount options depending on the things that you can offer. For example, there are some that will provide some discounts if you would get more than one insurance policy from them. You can also mix it up with some insurance policies that you may need other than the insurance that you need for your vehicle.

Insurance Company

The insurance company that you will choose will definitely have an effect on the amount that you have to pay. Some insurance companies will charge higher amounts than others. It is all about choosing the right insurance company that will provide the best coverage and will also offer the best price. Do not forget to scout for different companies before you finally make a choice.

With all of the things that are available, you need to remember that even the smallest issues like speeding warnings will make a huge difference on the amount of insurance that you have to pay every year. Decide what are the things that you would like to gain from this so that you can be sure with what you will get from it.



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