Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Local organization offers skills development, family assistance for underserved residents

RBOC, Inc., a local non-profit is offering job training with the assistance of the Texas Workforce Commission through its designation as a career development center.

With the opening up of businesses following pandemic lockdowns, many people are looking to return to work. For a growing number, this means finding new jobs as their previous positions no longer exists.

Workforce training supported by the Texas Workforce Commission includes; appliance career academy (installation and repair), building maintenance and housekeeping, entrepreneurial classes, general office skills, and an introduction of plumbing.

“RBOC is an organization that serves youth and adults in mentoring and job training skills. in- which allows individuals to become self- sufficient,” the organization said in a statement. “The new career advancements will allow individuals to overcome the barriers of joblessness and become gainfully employed in the workforce. The program has conducted work source employment and provided jobs for students.”


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Business resources available through RBOC include a notary public, resume writing assistance, GED and tutoring classes as well as dealing with family matters, soft skills and managing conflict.

RBOC, INC., (ReBuilding Our Community) is a nonprofit organization that provides business and technical training and other resources to children, youth and families that are underserved.

The goal of the organization is to teach, train, and mentor children, youth and families that are low- to- moderate income individuals.

The areas of services include business and vocational training, and tutoring and educational services for the community.

Furthermore, RBOC ‘s says its mission is to provide family outreach services that will strengthen family values.

“We will make every effort to meet the needs of our community by providing training, mentoring, job placement contacts, affordable housing connections, and educational programs,” RBOC says in its mission statement. “We vow to give valuable resources and training that will help enrich and encourage, families and the community.”

The organization can be reached for more information at (972) 850-9709 or (214) 809-4329. The agency website is


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