Saturday, July 2, 2022

One Texas woman’s seasonings are taking on Goliath brands

A Dallas woman who launched her small business pre-covid 19 with her retirement from local city government is fighting to keep her company thriving!

Compared to Goliath brand giants, Big Toe Seasonings may be considered as little David, however, Big Toe Seasonings has won over many customers, a few celebrities and social media influencer who love the seasonings!

After an Instagram post by Talk show Host Sherri Shepherd, Big Toe Seasonings went viral. Big Toe Seasonings could easily become for those who love hearing a good underdog story a big favorite this holiday!

Meet former court administrator and radio executive Sakina Jackson of Dallas, Texas! Mother of five, grandmother to eleven who launched her controversial brand coined Big Toe Seasonings!


Sakina Jackson of Dallas has gone full steam into the culinary industry with her signature line of seasonings. Jackson has the confidence that her product can stand up to the standard blends produced by corporate giants. (Courtesy photo)

The name derives from a southern saying meaning the dish is delicious so don’t get choked up as there are no literal toes in the ingredients lol, “Just a lot of flava!” states Jackson.
Jackson has been instrumental in getting her brand into the hands and mouths of actress, comedian, and Emmy award winner Sherri Shepherd former talk show host of the View and last weeks guest host of the Wendy Williams Show in her absence, Grammy-nominated country band Chapel Hart, and soon project with one of the iconic Clark Sisters is on the rise! What a dream come true for Jackson!

During these turbulent times for individuals, families and small businesses Jackson states “Getting back to old fashion family meals at the table brings comfort and hope.”


(Courtesy photo)

Jackson understands that it is everyday people who are keeping us afloat. While a few celebrities can help reach the masses, Jackson is appreciative and humbled by the many ordinary consumers who support her growing company.

Being a woman of God, Sakina’s first and foremost ingredient in her business is continual faith!

While David had five smooth stones prepared for battle with Goliath, Jackson too launched her battle with five popular blends being Lemon Pepper, Creole her signature blend called Bless Yo Heart all purpose, along with two salt free blends Garlic Pepper Herb and Supreme.

Jackson is currently hoping herself that grocery giants in Texas will welcome her e-commerce brand to their shelves soon! In the meantime, Big Toe Seasonings is offering free shipping on all bundles! Log on to support her this holiday season and beyond!
One such store she’s eyeing is HEB, in Texas!

As the saying goes, everything in Texas is big and so goes Big Toe Seasonings & Rubs! Check out Jackson’s Webstore and shop with Big Toe Seasonings at


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