Monday, February 6, 2023

Bible college and seminary expands course offerings to address the value of family

West Coast Bible College and Seminary (WCBCS) is leveraging its online bible college education to help foster meaningful relationships with families across America. The goal of the addition is to offer courses and certifications in family success that will help individuals, pastors, faith leaders, Christian counselors, and others develop the skills they need to either assist families or to earn certifications that will help individuals navigate family dynamics.

West Coast Bible College and Seminary allows mobile friendly, video- based certification courses which include Diploma of General Ministries, Associate of Ministry, Bachelor of Ministry and now the Certification in Family Success.

This Family Life Success course encompasses the 10 Best Practices of Successful Families and 10 Best Practices of Wealthy Families Models that were created by Phillip S. Porter, MBA, and Dr. Janice M. Porter, authors, and co-founders of Generations Empowerment Enterprises, LLC (GEE).

These models are based on their five decades of experiences living a vision-driven family lifestyle, faith-based principles, family relationship-building strategies, and proven wealth- building research. The principles and concepts outlined in this course will equip the students and families with the knowledge and confidence required to develop and implement a family success plan. This course is designed to bring families success in numerous areas including increased trusting relationships, and confidence to achieve their goals and dreams for generations.


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Phillip Porter, CEO, GEE said, “in this course, you will learn the number one family best practice that both wealth managers and bible scholars agree on and that is having a written well-articulated family vision is central to a family’s success”.

Dr. Janice Porter, President, Global Family Success Institute (GFSI) said “we have been blessed to teach this course to families throughout the United States for several years with tremendous success. We believe everyone who takes this course will develop the mindset, skills, and tools needed to improve their family relational dynamics and increase their economic trajectory of their own family and families in the community”.

Dr. Samuel Tolbert, Chancellor of West Coast Bible College and Seminary is thrilled to announce the new course content and look forward to seeing the growth of family ministries all over the world.

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