Friday, December 2, 2022

AEP Is Here! So many plans … so many optons … how do you choose?

Do a Medicare review with a local agent to be sure your plan fits your needs

By Lamonica Thomas

Now that Annual Open Enrollment (AEP) is here, it’s always a good idea to do a review of your current Medicare plan to be sure of several things:

1. Check that all prescription drugs are still available on your plan.

2. Check that no co-pays have increased.

3. Check with your doctors to be sure they are accepting your CURRENT plan next year


Lamonica Thomas (Courtesy photo)

If you find that you cannot get the same prescriptions from your plan, your doctor’s office can help and/or a Licensed Medicare Specialist can also help see if you qualify for different saving options like Prescription Assistance Programs, Low Income Subsidies and more.

All Medicare plans will send an annual update of changes to your plan for 2023. If you haven’t received the information, you can always call your customer service department and/or your local Medicare Specialist as a great source to discuss changes.

You may be on a Medicare plan from a former employer. Doing a Medicare review is still very important. Employer plans can change just like individual plans. Some people don’t realize an employer Medicare plan can be “more expensive” than an individual Medicare plan.

Employer plans may have monthly premiums and higher co-pays and deductibles where a lot of individual Medicare advantage plans do not. Medicare advantage plans for 2023 have increased allowances for dental, over the counter, transportation benefits and more.

In conclusion, it can be confusing understanding all of the changes with advantage plans. Trust a local agent to explain new benefits and educate you on resources that are available to you.

Ms. Lamonica Thomas is a license agent specializing in assisting Medicare enrollment participants. Her articles will appear monthly through December. Reach her at: Lamonica Thomas <> or call 972.249.8907.


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