Thursday, April 25, 2024

‘Remembering Black Dallas’ is back on the trail with a new tour series

Remembering Black Dallas (RBD) is a local non-profit that has been working to preserve Dallas history since 2015. Formed by the late Dr. George Keaton, Jr., the organization has engaged in numerous activities for nearly a decade now.

Last Saturday RBD hosted the first of its new “Ukunika Bus Tours,” guiding dozens on a fact-filled jaunt through the southern sector of the city.

The bus made three stops; at the African American Museum in Fair Park, the MLK Community Center and the home of Juanita J. Craft. In between, participants were treated to the background story behind a wide range of schools, parks and other sites along the way.

This was the first of six scheduled tours highlighting the African American history to be found throughout all sectors in the city.


Remembering Black Dallas tours illuminate the human stories behind numerous local landmarks such as the Julia C. Frazier Elementary (above, left); opened in 1930 and named after the noteworthy educator (above, right) who was only the third woman to graduate from Howard University. (David Wilfong / NDG, school photo – Frazier portrait from Howard Univ. yearbook)

The next tour is scheduled for Saturday, April 13. Dubbed “The Black Church and Reconstruction,” it will focus on areas of North Dallas. The series is scheduled to run through August.

For more information on tours and other activities, the organization’s website is


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