Experience Advertising Account Executive



TITLE:  Experience Advertising Account Executive

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Corporate & Government Advertising Sales & Sponsorships

Section 1 – Account Management:

  1. ZOHO Customer Relations Management Software
  2. ZOHO Updates Daily Calendar, Keys & Daily Contact History
  3. ZOHO “Keys” update daily and practice principles as precursor to contact w/ customer
  4. ZOHO Cloud Base Software tool usage connects the Team
  5. ZOHO Follow Up on assigned customer data bases
  6. ZOHO follow-up Incoming Calls Inquiries refer by Management-Update new Prospects in (ZOHO)
  7. North Dallas Gazette Assigned Email (sales@northdallasgazette.com)

Section 2 – Mandatory Reports & Participation:

  1. Monthly Sales Report Due last day of Month
  2. Weekly Sales Recap highlights of potential sales and follow ups
  3. Sales Meetings
  4. Sales Luncheons and trade shows

Section 3 North Dallas Gazette’s Community Marketing Manual:

  • Chapter II – NDG Rate Sheet Advertising Packages-Development Knowledge and cost of   different products  and designated area in the  paper they apply to only.
  • Chapter III – NDG Sales Approach: Incoming calls , Outgoing calls & On-Site sales call
  • Chapter IV  – NDG “Mastering The North Dallas Gazette Disciplines
  • Chapter V  – NDG Terms and Conditions for which we doing Business
  • Chapter VI – NDG Due Diligence & “The Keys”
  • Chapter VII – NDG Data Base Management-ZOHO Customer Relation Software
  • Chapter VIII –NDG Glossary- Newspaper & Media Industry Terms

-NDG Sales Insertion Order (Templates) – Develop proficiency executing insertion orders, proposals and sponsorship packages.

Section 4 – NDG Resources (Assigned):

  • NDG Telephone: 972,885.5044
  • NDG Email Address (shared): sales@northdallasgazette.com
  • NDG Voice mail with call hunting option
  • NDG Assigned Desk at NDG Office
  • NDG Community Marketing Manual
  • NDG Advertising Rate Sheet Price Portfolio
  • NDG Business Card
  • NDG “Thank You” cards & Envelopes (NDG pay for postage mailing)
  • NDG/ZOHO assigned dedicated cloud base software tool to manage customers


  • Must be/become proficient in following software:
  • Microsoft Professional Office 2000
  • Excel Spreadsheet
  • Outlook Express
  • ZOHO Community Relations Software
  • Phone.com (NDG’s telephone voicemail system)

North Dallas Gazette assigned email box: orientation is needed Template, Draft, Folders, sub-folders. It must be organize and properly maintenance. Develop Folder Filing Categories system within email box. NDG management does access email box.

Section 5 – 35 hours work week

  • Office hours 9am until 5:00pm (Mon thru Thursday)
  • Office hours 10am  until Noon (Friday)

Section 7 – Compensation:

$15.00 Hourly
(Time sheet submitted on 15th day of month for payment 20th  day of the month)
(Time sheet submitted on Last day of month for payment 5th  day of the month)

Monthly Sales Commission: only applies after exceeding onthly quoto
10% on every dollar above monthly sales quota: $8000.00

Monthly Sales Quota: $8,000.00 Monthly Sales
Monthly Advertising Sales

Advertising commission is paid on 5th day of each month form previous Months close of business

All Sales Commissions paid once per month on 5th day of month for previous month-end close of the books.

Multi-Months Insertion Orders, POs or Sponsorships:
Multi-Months Insertion Advertising (IO) or Sponsorship Orders contracts are paid out quarterly.

First (1) installment paid in first month of first quarter.
-Second installment (2) in first month of second quarter.
-Third installment (3) in first month of third quarter.
Fourth installment (4) in first month of fourth quarter.

Bi-monthly invoices required of all associates is due twice per month.
-Invoices are due on the 15th of the month and paid on the 20th
-Invoices are due on last working day of the month. Invoice is paid on the 5th of the following/ensuing month.
Submitted invoice must be signed, dated and set forth the days and hours actually worked. 

To Apply:

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