Paul Quinn College showcases a revitalized campus and vision

By Donald Willis

“We come a long way baby” was the slogan used in the 1970’s when the women movement took on the establishments in their pursuit of equality. The same can be said about Paul Quinn College the historically black college located in Dallas after relocating from Marshall, Texas in 1970. An institution that has been on life support in recent years due to accreditation issues, financial bliss and dwindling enrollments numbers almost closed this campus.

Yes, Paul Quinn is alive and kicking as the school demonstrated during its media day open house on Monday, December 19, to the media, civic and business leaders from the North Texas area. School President Michael Sorrells who has been the doctor, nurse, and sometimes the ambulance driver for this institution since his arrival. Sorrells’ presentation reviewed the history of Paul Quinn and recent progress of the school. Changes include cutting salaries by 10 percent, demolishing several unused buildings on campus and creating a surplus of $1.2 million.

In attendance were representatives from the Real Estate Council of Dallas to present their $40,000 donation to the school for the building of a greenhouse. The school food program of farming will produce foods to sale, generating income for the school.

A tour of the campus for the media showed off the upgrades and the state of the art classrooms, which include video conferencing capabilities. A freshly painted gymnasium sporting the Tiger mascot on the gym floor is an eye catcher.

Other amenities include a student center with computers, plasma TVs, and new carpet makes it an ideal place for students to hangout. A new fitness center equipped with modern cardio and weight equipment will occupy the first floor of the student center.

The school has created exchange programs with institutions like Southern Methodist University, Penn State University and Yale University. In the spring, Yale will visit Paul Quinn to review the exchange curriculum between the two schools.

Sorrells, the Board of Directors and its Chairman, Bishop Gregory Ingram have worked together to create a vision for Paul Quinn College. It is to maintain a reputation of excellence in technology and academic, attracting students worldwide.

Paul Quinn has come a long way. Their vision of 2,000 students by 2020 is an achievable goal for students, staff, and alumni.

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