New Beginnings calling on supporters to give up and give

New Beginning Center is asking community members and supporters to help them on September 13, designated North Texas Giving Day.

From 7 a.m. to midnight, New Beginning Center will partner with the Communities Foundation of Texas and Donor Bridge to participate in the North Texas Giving Day. Every donation of $25 or more will be matched by a percentage if you donate to New Beginning Center through the official Donor Bridge web site at

Communities Foundation of Texas will contribute over $1 million dollars in matching funds and prizes to those charities receiving donations linked to Donor Bridge that day. Several cash donation prizes will be made to charities that have the most donations, most unique individual donors, and the largest increase of unique donors.

To make a contribution to New Beginning Center through Donor Bridge on September 13:

1)    log in to

2)    Search “New Beginning Center” and click “Donate Now.”

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