Dallas woman beats 2 –year-old and superglues child’s hands

Elizabeth Escalona

By Kendria Brown, NDG Intern

Elizabeth Escalona pleaded guilty in July to beating her 2-year-old daughter, Jocelyn Cedillo, so badly it required hospitalization. The beating occurred last September and hearing testimony for her sentencing is underway. Escalona faces probation up to life in prison. During some of her testimony hearing for sentencing, a doctor testified that Cedillo suffered bleeding to her brain.

The trial went on to display disturbing photos of the beaten child. Her hospitalization required one week of treatment to bleeding on her brain, a fractured rib, and severe bruises that possibly resulted from direct blows from Escalona.

A former child abuse expert, Dr. Amy Barton, told authorities, “When I think about the time involved in that and what that scene must have looked like, it’s overwhelming.”

Escalona became upset with her daughter over potty-training issues, and this is when Escalona went on her child-beating rage.

At one point, Escalona glued her daughter’s hands together with glue; her daughter was made to put her hands on a wall in their apartment.

The super-glue was found by Dallas Police Sr. Cpl. Abel Lopez, who was first to interview Escalona after the attack. He also noted the child’s handprints on the wall.

Cedillo did survive the trauma and is now living with Escalona’s mother. Escalona also has four other children placed with her mother.

Escalona’s mother is seeking leniency from the judge, to let her out on probation and seek rehabilitation.

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