The Curtis Report: Calling for the real black man


By Barry Curtis

I present for your consideration, the black man. Ah, the black man – where are you? Yeah that’s what I thought.

The real black man is dead. Oh before you get offended hear me out.

Calling all black men! Yes, you there the black man in the unemployment line. Yes nearly 20 percent of all black men between the ages of 15 and 25 are unemployed. Is this the state of the real black man, jobless? Never mind the reason; if we are without a job, we are simply without a job. Does the reason really matter? Do real black men need an excuse to justify our demise? Wow what a contrast, the vision of a proud warrior to the unemployment line.

Let’s try this again. Calling all black men! Yes you, the high school dropout. Wait please before you get offended, hear me out. Only 54 percent of all African Americans graduate from high school compared to 80 plus percent of Asian Americans. That figure does include all the football and basketball players. I’m not sure if that figure includes black high school polo and lacrosse players, but I will check and get back with you on that.

Hey all black men! Yes you there, the black homeowner whose home has declined in value. Before you get offended please hear me out. Blacks tend to buy homes in “black” neighborhoods. These homes do not appreciate as fast as white homes because whites tend to buy homes in “white” neighborhoods. That’s just a fact folks.

Where are the real black men? Hey black men! Yes you there, the one that is walking out on your family. Wait please Sir before you get offended – females head 60 percent of all black households. We are making the black “disappearing” man a perpetual offense. We are telling our young men in these households that a father figure is likely to abandon you, or at the least will not be present in the home.

Hey you there the black man filing for divorce. Wait! Don’t get offended. About 70 percent of all black married couples have their marriages end in divorce. All this is a sad state of affairs.

Let’s recap: Black men are uneducated, unemployed, poor businessmen, poor parents and bad husbands. OK, now you can be offended.

Barry Curtis is the host of The Curtis Report  “your last report on Sunday talk” airing on KLIF every Sunday at 5 p.m.

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