Diverse Irving community leaders kicking off monthly strategic planning meetings

 voteA coalition of diverse Irving citizens are coming together to begin organizing in hopes of being ready for next year’s election. They are inviting candidates planning to run for office in next year’s election. The first monthly meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 22. at 7 p.m. at Bear Creek Community Church located at 2700 Finley Road in the Fellowship Hall.

Anthony Bond, declared, “Our primary objection is to defeat Mayor Beth Van Duyne and Irving ISD School Board President Dr. Steven Jones. They have been the worst two elected leaders in my opinion because they came into with a divisive attitude. They have governed with a divisive attitude. We are tired of this division.

We want to elect people who will unite Irving.”

Bond believes current Irving City Councilwoman Rose Cannaday is considering a run for the mayor’s seat. He added, “I am a lifelong democrat and always will be, Rose Cannaday is a Republican. I could care less if I believe she is going to unite us. We have the majority of the electorate, but many do not realize we have a threat to the future of our children in Van Duyne and Jones.”

Anyone interested in attending the meeting on Aug. 22 can contact Anthony Bond at aebond09@yahoo.com.


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