Nailah Winkfield wants to know what happened during daughter’s tonsil surgery

Nailah Winkfield's Instagram photo with her daughter just days before tragic surgery.

Nailah Winkfield’s Instagram photo with her daughter just days before tragic surgery.

“Is this normal?” asked Nailah Winkfield over and over as her daughter sat in a bloody hospital gown holding a cup full of blood.

An Oakland television station tells us of Nailah Winkfield, a woman facing one of the hardest decisions of a mother’s life. After a routine tonsillectomy gone tragically wrong, Winkfield’s 13-year-old daughter is now declared to be brain-dead by doctors after losing an extreme amount of blood hours after surgery.

What happened to Jahi McMath? No one is quite sure, and her family wants more light shed on the subject before giving up completely. Although the doctors at the Children’s Hospital Oakland have declared her brain-dead and wish to discontinue life support as is protocol, attorney Christopher Dolan has won more time with assertions that Jahi has shown enough signs of life to warrant further investigation– but from doctors independent of the Children’s Hospital.



  1. Nancy Renard says:

    Ms. Winkfield my prayers for your daughter Nailah will be on going and lot’s of hugs for you and your family. I had the same thing happen to me 47 years ago when I was 18 yrs old. I hemorrhaged and was in surgery for over 4 hrs to try and stop the bleeding. I was fortunate that 47 years later I am sitting here responding to your heartbreak. You hold to your belief that there is hope. I also had a son 40 years ago born with a liver disease and was in a comma until he was 7 months old. The doctors said he would not live to see 1 year old and that life support should not be an option. 40 yrs later he is married and has 3 beautiful children and is a very healthy man. I believe in prayer and with all things God will give you the answers you are looking for. Have faith.

  2. What an amazing story, thank you for sharing!

  3. Deidra Turner says:

    I have been praying for you and your family Ms. Winkfield. I just believe God is able to work a miracle no matter what the doctors say! God is in control!! I will continue to pray for your baby girl! I looking forward to hearing her testimony like the lady who posted about her and her son!

  4. I am sure their family appreciates your prayers!

  5. Andrea V Francis says:

    Light a candle and pray do not give up. signs of trying to breath on her own is hope enough God is still in control

  6. Kind words of encouragement.

  7. Frank Cuns-Rial says:

    Ms. Winkfield, Had a son in coma for months after car accident. MDs told us to :let him go: because of no brain activity. We read ” Coma arousal therapy” by Glenn Doman of the IAHP in Philadelphia and applied this simple therapy and further help from the IAHP. He made a fantastic recovery that had the MD baffled. I encourage you to get the book and apply it your daughter as soon as possible.
    The best for you

  8. Brain death and coma or vegetative state are NOT the same. This child has no brain activity whatsoever, therefore she is not alive

  9. NDG Staff says:

    It is hard I am sure for a mother to let go in this kind of situation.

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