Saturday, February 4, 2023

Congresswoman Johnson: GOP Budget ransacks our nation’s commitment to education

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson
Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson

Congresswoman Johnson released the following statement regarding her decision to vote no against the proposed Republican Budget  and the impacts the proposal could have on the people of Texas. The resolution was agreed to as amended on a vote of 228—199.

“The GOP budget significantly undermines the economic and health security of the people of Texas. In the state of Texas alone the proposed budget would place an unnecessary economic burden on seniors by increasing the cost of prescriptions in the future and eliminating guaranteed access to Medicare. Although statistics show that the Affordable Care Act is working through the 16 million Americans that have gained coverage, the GOP budget would eliminate coverage for more than 1.2 million Texans receiving coverage through the marketplace.

The House Republican budget ransacks our nation’s commitment to education – the foundation for economic opportunity and a successful future – with severe cuts in elementary and secondary education and early learning programs, including measures which make college less affordable for millions of students who rely on Pell Grants, federal student loans, and higher education tax credits.


In addition to students, the proposed Republican budget threatens workers, women and children.  Under the Republican budget, middle class families will see higher taxes and millions will see fewer jobs.  The last thing that hard-working Texas families can afford right now is higher taxes, fewer jobs and less growth.  This budget would cut our investments in our nation’s R&D and innovation enterprise — the investments that have allowed us to be a world leader in these fields.  If we shortchange those accounts in an attempt to cut a few more dollars from the deficit over the short-term, the reality is that we will wind up shortchanging our future economy and quality of life for decades to come.
We need a better plan and a better set of values to build a strong and prosperous America.  I support a budget that would aid the American people by advancing our healthcare system, securing a pathway to proper funding for medical advancements and ensuring affordable healthcare for all. I support a budget that values the future of America’s role in STEM advancements through technological innovation and scientific research. I support a budget that would lower taxes for working families and students; and a budget that would make sound investments in programs like HeadStart. I support a budget that would reinvigorate our infrastructure through highway and mass transit planning and investment. As it stands, the Republican budget does not bring all of these options to the table.


Though we may not always agree, as lawmakers, we must set aside our own political agendas by joining together to pass legislation that benefits all Americans. I support the President’s FY16 and committing to more robust investments in our future economic prosperity.”


For the full report from the White House and a breakdown of the Republican budgets’ effect on Texans, click here


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