Saturday, September 19, 2020

Two arrested after Dallas Police find a 6-year-old locked in a shed

Image via Flickr Tex Texin (CC BY 2.0)

Sunday when Dallas Police Officers responded to a health and welfare check in the 1100 block of Coston Drive they discovered a child locked in a shed in the Pleasant Grove area.

After being directed by a witness, officers searched a shed, where they discovered the male child locked and tied up inside. The Dallas Fire Department responded and checked out the child, however they did not transport the child to a hospital.

There were two individuals arrested in connection with this incident, however, due to the sensitive nature of this incident and witness(es) yet to be interviewed, the Dallas Police Department does not plan to provide any additional information, nor release or confirm the names of those taken into custody at this time.

NBC News 5 is reporting Texas Child Protective Services, three children, two boys ages 4 and 6 and a 7-year-old girl were removed from the home on Monday and placed in foster care. Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is not releasing any more info as it is considered confidential.



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