Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Learn from God’s Creation

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities – is eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse”
(Romans 1:19-20).

Have you ever had someone say, “I don’t see any evidence of God? How can a person believe in someone you can’t see or see any evidence even exists?”

The Bible tells us that God is revealed in His creation every day. Look at the human body and consider the likelihood of how thousands of body parts that must work together.

Someone created it to work this well. If it were a manufactured product, it would be in the repair shop all the time because of all the moving parts required to make it work.


Baby: Kalani Dior Roberson, Parents are Cedric and Cardaeja Roberson at the inaugural family reunion for the children of Lloyd David and Cedella Baker Demus on October 23, 2021.

Consider the wonderful order and balance of nature and how the seas know their boundaries, how the beauty of the mountains and the balance of rain and oxygen needed to balance the ecosystems. Consider God’s signature, the rainbow.

The 12th century Scottish Christian mystic, Richard of St. Victor said, “The whole of this sensible world is like a book written by the finger of God.”

Look at nature and wonder at the creative design of the hundreds of thousands of species of animals like the tiger, the elephant, the great whales and the thousands of species of birds, just to name a few.

Consider the planet we live on. “The Earth is a rough sphere about eight thousand miles in diameter, which means that it’s about four thousand miles straight down to the center.

We’re accustomed to thinking of it as a ball of rock, but that’s not so: the great majority of the Earth is liquid – molten rock called magma swirling, incredible slowly, beneath our feet.

The solid part of the earth that we live on and in whose hollows the sea sits, is called the crust, and on average it’s only a few miles thick – maybe ten miles.

That’s like a layer a third of a millimeter thick coating a football.

We live on that incredibly fragile, thin layer of plates floating on the subterranean sea of magma.”*

Yes, God has revealed Himself in His creation.

INTEGRITY. . . God, how many people today are lacking integrity? I can think of so many scandals among business and Christian leaders, as well as everyday people.

What a shame. Pray that God would help us to always will be a person of integrity.

Ask God to help us to have undivided devotion to Him, to firmly adhere to our faith and moral values, to practice biblical ethics, and be of sound mind and good character.

Pray for our families, that each one would realize the importance of integrity and would live their lives accordingly.

Ask God to help us to be examples of Christ-like character in this world and And thank God in the precious name Jesus.


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