Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Duncanville grads and millenials in motion collaborate on new creative space in their hometown community

Two entrepreneurs with a history of crossing paths have collaborated in partnership to launch Studio 815 Main, a full-service photography studio with a vibe of sleek elegance and a fresh forward look.

Jasmyn Otote and Miles Robinson, photographers, and graphic designers, are millennials in motion, that are poised and positioned to make a flash on Main Street in Duncanville at the new Studio 815 Main.

Jasmyn and Miles are 2007 National Honor Society Duncanville Panther graduates, who crossed paths in their early years in honor classes and mutual friends, enjoying a comradery, only understood in D’Ville.

Both went on to graduate from the University of Missouri and Sam Houston University, respectively, with degrees in Graphic Design.


Miles Robinson (above left) and Jasmyn Otote (above right) were friends in high school at Duncanville. After graduating and engaging in creative careers, the duo are collaborating on a 3,000 sq. ft. studio back in their old stomping grounds. Studio 815 Main offers a wide range of photography services, catering to families or business interests alike. (Courtesy photo)

As Panthers who returned to the community after graduation, this dynamic duo collaborated in sports photography at their beloved alma mater. Realizing the shared vision, a partnership formed between C.I.R. Design, and Jasmyn Renee’ Photography.

Miles in partnership with his lovely wife LaVonshe, also a Duncanville Panther, owners of C.I.R. (Caleb Isaiah Robinson) Design and Jasmyn Otote, sole proprietor of Jasmyn Renee Photography, are owners and operators of the 3,000 sq. ft. facility, located near the corner of Wheatland and Main in Duncanville.

The studio officially opened with a host of events that celebrated that the millennials are now in motion to capture the hearts, smiles, memories, and moments for all to see.
The photographers have expertise with families, events, branding/lifestyle, sports photography, and graphics. The entrepreneur’s side hustle leveraged the young professionals to leave corporate careers to pursue their amazing destiny.


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