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Best Places to Work in Dallas

Best Places to Work in Dallas

The best companies to work for get several things right. They have excellent leadership, have a supportive, people-oriented work culture, compensate their employees well, and have opportunities for career growth and progression. Of course, what makes a company great to work for will vary depending on your personal preferences and priorities. But generally speaking, these core elements keep most employees happy.

However, the tough truth is that it’s competitive to land a role at great companies. To get your foot in the door, you need to get a lot of things right in your application. One aspect you’ve got to nail is your resume. Use examples of a great resume to craft your personalized professional resume to highlight your strengths effectively. 

Let’s do a quick run-through of some of the best companies to work for in Dallas.

Dallas’ Top Companies to Work For

Here are the top six companies to work for in Dallas, including their average annual salaries:

  • AT&T

With offices in West Dallas, AT&T recently expanded its downtown headquarters to serve as a local entertainment and technology hub. AT&T Discovery District is home to the Dallas Cowboys fitness center, various restaurants, and a range of immersive experiences. The company scores well for work/life balance and has a median salary of $105,00 for its employees.

  • American Airlines

As the travel industry recovers from the pandemic, the company has lots of open roles at its headquarters in Fort Worth. The company is praised for the perks and benefits it offers. The median compensation for American Airlines employees is $117,834.

  • Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is a defense and technology company with offices in Dallas. The company has a fantastic reputation with a well-liked CEO. The company rates highly for pay and benefits, with a median compensation package of around $140,000. For a big company, the culture seems supportive with a positive outlook and opportunities for career progression.

  • Amrock

Amrock is a real estate company with locations in the Dallas area. The company features on this list since it ranks especially high among women. The company has a fantastic culture of promoting and training from within, and this is true for all, as the company has a high proportion of women in leadership positions. 

  • Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines has headquarters in Dallas and is famous across the board as a fantastic company to work for. Its CEO, Robert E. Jordan, is immensely popular. The benefits are good, the work culture is outstanding, and there are ample opportunities to grow within the organization. The median compensation for a Southwest Airlines employee is $112,340.

  • Topgolf

Topgolf Entertainment Group is a technology-enabled global sports and entertainment community. That means they provide fantastic golfing experiences. People throughout the organization buy into the supportive culture that comes from the top down. Employees benefit from decent benefits packages, whether you’re in management or a customer-facing role. Overall, employees comment on the fun atmosphere of the workplace. The median compensation is $138,078.

Tips To Land a Role at These Companies in Dallas

Word spreads about good companies so there’s always competition for roles. Get the basics right with your resume.

Use the job description.

Tailor your resume using the job description provided. You’ll often find clues about the type of person they’re looking for and the essential skills needed. Use this information to tailor your professional resume accordingly. It pays to do this since it also shows the recruiter that you’ve paid careful attention to the job posting, which already frames you as a viable candidate.

Create a well-crafted resume.

You need to make the most of the limited space on your resume and cover letter. Ensure you pinpoint the qualifications, skills, and expertise the hiring manager is looking for. It’s good to write a standout resume summary or resume objective to catch their eye. 


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